Carly Fiorina

When Maggie Met Carly

carly3.jpgWe still like our coverage much better, but we couldn’t resist brining this image of girl-on-girl slobbering (courtesy of the New York Sun) to your attention.

Margaret Carlson, Washington editrix-at-large of The Week, slobbered like an infatuated school girl over Mrs. Fiorina during her lunch talk: “I thought the Washington press corps was tough! The financial press is even tougher!”

[Editors note: So the Washington press corps makes the financial press corps look tough? We’re in a lot more trouble than we thought.]
What’s Next for Carly Fiorina? [New York Sun]

hosted by the venerable Week
Let’s just cut to the chase—I’m in love with Harold Evans. And had I been given more than 20 minutes’ notice that I was going to be in his delicious presence, I might have stood out among the suits in more of a tastefully displayed cleavage way and in less of a “I shop at American Apparel” way.
Evans begins to read a passage from the book about the board telling everyone that Fiorina’s leaving because of “personal reasons, to spend more time with her family,” etc, and then gives the audience what I swear to God is a come hither look and paraphrases with, “basically a bunch of bull shit.” I’m sitting within maybe 10 inches of him, and if I thought it wouldn’t distract the audience from the conversation at hand, I would reach over, place a hand on his forearm and mouth, “I love you.”
Fiorina waxes on about the H-P takeover of Compaq for about six minutes; very articulate and all but you’d have to have a really deep interest in H-P and/or Compaq to not start hearing “If you like pina coladas…gettin’ caught in the rain…if you’re not into yoga…if you have half a brain” 90 seconds in. Evans interjects—“I’ve been involved in some takeovers myself; mostly on the receiving end.” I laugh and toss my hair over my shoulder—he knows what that means.

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