Hedge Funds

Wait. Where'd you go?We’ve laughed at the sophomoric exchanges between and among the upper echelons of one of the biggest industries in America. We’ve shaken our heads at the incredible self-regard of one A. Sorkin. We’ve been spared another James Franco turd. But the North Koreans have given us something more precious than all of the above combined: a further insight into the ways and means of Dan Loeb—and his unparalleled ability to strike fear into the hearts of those he targets. Read more »

Hedge-Fund Manager Wins Divorce, Gets Pat On Head

Catch.Now that he has successfully defended 64% of his assets against his now-officially-ex-wife, if TCI’s Chris Hohn is looking for a new one, he may need look no further than the bench and chief legal admirer Judge Jennifer Roberts. Read more »

Here Are Some Things That Paul Singer Thinks Suck

While you're at it, care to weigh in on this Obama guy?Our friends over at DealBook yesterday gave the Elliott Management chief an audience and a microphone, which means that Paul Singer did what he does when he gets an audience and a microphone: Give his enemies a piece of his mind. The Fed? A bunch of self-important “enablers” with a martyr complex. CalPERS? Doesn’t know what the hell it’s talking about. Corporate boards? Lazy incompetents. And don’t get him started on Argentina… oh, wait, forget it: He’s already started. Read more »

Buffalo Has Hedge Fund Frauds, Too

DON'T INVEST WITH THIS GUY.What’s more, the snowed-in former metropolis’ hedge-fund scams look an awful lot like everyone else’s. Read more »

Not to be pedantic or anything...OK, maybe just a little. It’s not that Gabriel Bitran is denying that he and his son defrauded 100 people out of $140 million by telling them he’d come up with a bunch of can’t-miss investing models that told him to invest with Bernie Madoff and Tom Petters. Far from it. It’s just that he—academic that he is, after all—has a slightly different take on things, although yesterday’s plea hearing apparently wasn’t the place to get into that. Read more »

Steve Cohen: Giving When It Counts

Playing the game.The big guy bided his time, waiting until he could see where his money could be best used to elect Republican governors in states he doesn’t live in—and also saving those would-be governors the trouble of having to explain why they were financing their campaigns with money from a guy who, you know, has had a few reputational issues lately. Read more »

Colgate University: Cradle Of Hedge Fund Traders

Buy-Side U.The folks over at SumZero have crunched the numbers on their 11,000 members to find out just where you should send your kids if you want them to follow your footsteps into the buy-side at a hedge fund, and you’ll be stunned by the results. Just kidding: Send them to Wharton or Harvard. Or, if possible—or if, say, Wharton or Harvard aren’t, either because you’re kid’s a dolt and/or because you foolishly went to Brown or Binghamton or something, depriving your progeny of that most important gift, legacy status—you could always just ship them off to Colgate which, on account of its size, doesn’t have many alums at the best fund, but which Sabermetrically blows everyone out of the water. The place down the road from Harvard’s not a bad choice, either. Nor is Mike Bloomberg’s alma mater. Read more »

James River Group Holdings Isn’t Interested In Labels

Claim.James River Group Holdings is owned by a hedge fund. And it kind of invests a little like a hedge fund. And it does some other potentially risky things, like insure Uber, which is a thing that hedge funds—and hedge fund managers—happen to enjoy. Still, it doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea, should you perhaps be interested in buying a couple of shares: James River Group is an insurer that cannot be pinned down or defined by a couple of stupid words, like “hedge” and “fund.” Read more »