Private Equity

P.E. Firms Are Gonna Need A Bigger Shovel

We’re at $1.141 trillion and counting. Read more »

Italian private equity honcho Andrea Bonomi’s got a couple of weeks to decide how much crazy signing he’s willing to do to keep the Club, purged of proletarians, out of the hands of the Chinese. Read more »

This may be a miscalculation. Read more »

Bonus Watch ’13: Carlyle Group Co-Founders

William Conway was handsomely rewarded for having quantitatively more faith in his firm’s products than David Rubenstein and Daniel D’Aniello combined. Read more »

David Bonderman Is Thinking Things

Sure, he’s thinking about all sorts of things, just not too hard. Read more »

Apollo Global Management has taken Carl’s Jr and Hardees and turned them into Chuck E. Cheese’s. Read more »

Add a copy of a 237-year-old newspaper to the precious historical documents to be pried from the Carlyle Group CEO’s cold, dead hands. Read more »