• 06 Jun 2008 at 5:17 PM
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The CFA Approaches: Where’s The After-Party?

Thousands will be taking the CFA exams this Saturday. The other night we caught up with one of the test takers during a cocktail study-break. (Don’t worry, she brought her flash cards). One of the things she stressed was that each and every person taking the exam tomorrow plans to start getting drunk as soon as its over. We’re thinking that this would be an excellent thing for DealBreaker to cover. But we’re not sure where we should situate ourselves for maximum CFA drunk coverage. So, future financial analysts, where are you drinking on Saturday? Let us know here or text the tips line (973-495-0177).

  • 16 Apr 2007 at 9:31 AM
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Tell Us About Your CFA Charter

We already know that DealBreaker readers are smarter, wealthier and better looking than any other group on earth. But we want to know even more. So this morning we’re inviting you to tell us about your CFA charter. In addition to the quick poll, we hope you’ll share your CFA studying and exam stories in the comments section below.

  • 25 Apr 2006 at 9:53 AM
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Tales from the CFA

cfa.gif[Editor’s Note: Some of you have asked for some sort of relief from the pressures of studying for the CFA. We offer you the following advice: Get out of banking while you still can. For the rest of you: it’s always fun to witness other people’s pain, especially if you’ve already jumped through the requisite hoops and barring the creation of a CFA Level IV, will never have to do that again. DealBreaker correspondent “JAK” reports:]
So for a lot of you June 3 is going to mark the end of a tortuous struggle to stay sober long enough to cram as much financial analysis goodness into your already overstocked brains. Well, you’ve almost made it. You can get hammered in 39 days. These last few weeks when you’re getting approximately three hours of sleep a night, you lose all contact with friends and family and your girlfriend dumps you because you’re too weak and dehydrated to pleasure her in any way, we’ll be here for you. We’ll have war stories AND study tips and we’re even sending someone to sit in on the Stala CFA I Mock Exam as part of the DealBreaker Correspondent Abuse Program. (Okay, we’re sending outselves.)
They sent us our Mock Admission Ticket today, which included tips on how to prepare for exam day: we have been instructed to lay our clothes out the night before. Thank you, Stala. Last time we took the CFA, we showed up without pants.
So let’s kick it off with a look back at “Great Moments in CFA Studying History”

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