“For most traders, we don’t really care that much how they’re going to fix the economy and how they’re going to fix the whole situation [in Europe]…Personally, I have been dreaming of this moment for three years. And I have a confession to make- I go to bed every night and I dream of another recession. I dream of another moment like this. Why? People don’t really seem to remember but the 30’s depression wasn’t just about the market crash. There were some people who were prepared to make money from that crash…And anyone can do that. It isn’t just for some people in the elite. Anyone can make money. When the market crashes, when the Euro and the stock markets crash…if you know what to do…if you have the right plan set up, you can make a lot of money off of this. For example, hedging strategies is one.” Read more »

Please place the following in context:

You expect to be caught in the first 24 hours. Every time the door to your office opens, or the phone rings, you think it will be somebody looking for answers. You live in fear. In that very initial period, the heart is racing. You should have [stopped] at the earliest opportunity, and taken no more than a slap on the wrist. But when the call, or the knock on the door, doesn’t come, you start to grow in confidence. You start to believe that you’ll have the time to correct [things], that you can push the barriers that little bit further – that you can get back to ground zero and start again. You might get there; you might even get there within a couple of days, and never tell anyone. That happens all the time…Eventually the call [does] come. There is release, in the end, and relief. Your whole life, for several years, has been a lie.

Is it about:

a) Fucking your best friend’s sibling
b) Eating someone else’s clearly marked lunch
c) Smoking weed at your parents’ house
d) Rogue trading
e) Surfing porn at the office
f) Using all the bandwith to stream episodes of Gilmore Girls
g) Being the source for Charlie Gasparino on company affairs
h) other Read more »