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So some banks are so poor now that they can’t even afford to pay for your Blackberrys and there’s a chance RIM might even go out of business as a result and I feel for you, I really do, but you know how it is…not so bad for DealBreaker, not so bad for Bess. What I’m getting at is that our publisher has decided I need to be able to check in with the tips line more frequently because you never know when Citigroup’s going to announce a 350 billion dollar writedown or Jim’ll want to get high and he (our publisher, but Jim, too) just really feels that I need to be accessible at all times in more ways than currently offered by my Razr. (This whole thing actually would’ve been a lot more satisfying if it had played out more like “Hey, Bessiecakes,* a busy and important person like you needs a wireless handheld device that allows you to check your e-mail and browse the Web for unique and interesting Craigslist postings (FOR THE PURPOSES WRITE-OFFS) whenever/wherever” than “Can I have a Blackberry?” “Yeah, sure,” but whatever, I don’t care. I really don’t.)
Only thing is, I can’t decide which one to get. (Obviously I’ve ruled out a Sidekick, because I’m neither a 14 year-old girl nor a ‘mo of any age (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just not) and the Treo, because (in my mind only) I’m not a loser). You people know Blackberrys and you’ve made it this far (down the post) anyway, so I just thought, how about a poll? And here we are. I have a few notes, which aren’t intended to inform your pick, just things to keep in mind: The Curve strikes me as very soccer mom, but I don’t know, maybe I should run with that? I like the weight of the 8700, but prefer the look of the 8800 (in black). I’ve more or less rejected the Pearl out of hand because it’s called the Pearl but I’m trying to step outside my comfort zone in all aspects of life and one might say that this would be a good place to start (though I’m asking as a friend: please don’t). I’m not going to include the 7130 because I know some people won’t be able to help themselves from voting for it simply because I think it’s a hideous eyesore and wouldn’t that be hilarious. But if there’s anyone out there with strong feelings for the model, please share. Alright, so you pick one for me now, and later, we’ll help Carney decide which finish he should use for his head shots (I say matte, he’s holding out for high gloss).
*in this scenario Keith, who’s the only one who calls me that, still works at DB.

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One Of Those Guys Was Using An iPhone

It goes without saying that here at DealBreaker, we judge people. Obviously looks, arrogance, dental records and the ability to swing a racquet are all taken into account when there’s sizing up to be done, but how do we decide who should be summarily dismissed from our line of vision? Two words–finger dexterity. Are you a good person? Intelligent? Kind? We don’t care. Can your appendages move with speed and competence? This is the stuff that matters to us.
Which is why, when WallStrip asked if we’d like to enter Silas Greenback into its annual Ms. Blackberry Pageant ’07, we willingly shoved her in L. Campbell’s direction. Of course we wanted Moss to be a contestant, if only to see if she’s up to snuff, re: our aforementioned litmus test. Despite having some suspect difficulties with a keg of cheese balls that must be indicative of a much deeper personal problem, the mistress of RIMM put in a very respectable show, not necessarily reflected in the outcome of the contest. (Sorkin–you’ve got our number.)
Apropos, the Wi-Fi here at Promises is really quite impressive.

Or spend on babes, or light on fire–JUST ‘CAUSE HE CAN.
Breaking: Apple Offering $100 Store Credit For All iPhone Owners [Gizmodo]

  • 05 Sep 2007 at 3:01 PM
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AAPL Watch– Things Have Been Better

apple.jpgThe rumors that today Apple would introduce a redesigned iPod featuring no buttons, knobs or screens of any kind, instead employing newly-patented mind-reading technology for functionality; produce a force-field causing all Zune products within a 200-foot radius to immolate, rendering them as useful as they are in non-burned-to-a-crisp state; and come with videos personally damning to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, preloaded did not pan out, and for that Jobs-y Boy is paying dearly. Sure, we got a custom ring-tone maker; slashed prices on the iPhone; a 2.5 inch screen video Nano in red, silver, blue, green and black; a new name for the iPod: iPod Classic; 160 gigs (that’s 40,000 songs, 20 more than there are in existence); a touch screen; Wi-Fi; and Safari / GOOG / YHOO browser (basically: an iPhone without the Phone), but it wasn’t enough–shares are down 3.5%.
Are we asking too much? All the news was good news (except for the price cut on iPhones. That announcement was not good and by not good we mean “bad,” for those of you–Cliff Mason–who spent $599 for your iPhone on June 29 instead of $399 this weekend, and for AAPL investors, despite SJ’s spin of, “it’s so popular we want more people to afford it!” Just like houses. Little subprime humor? That’s okay, I’ll let myself out) but it wasn’t the kind of huge gains/NO RIGHT CLICK BUTTON ON YOUR MOUSE news we’ve come to expect from Senor Jobs. He did, however, change the color of his mock, swapping brown for black, and perhaps that’ll be enough to get things up by the end of the day.
Apropos of AAPL, it was also announced today that Apple will have a wireless music deal with Starbucks, which can only mean this thing is about to drop like a bag of dirt.
Apple iPod Special Event: The Live Blog [CNBC]
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Nokia’s Doubling Penetration

old_phone.jpg Nokia doubled Q2 profit and increased penetration of its global market share to 38%.
Spurred by lower cost high-end devices like the N95, the Finnish company saw a 29% increase in mobile phone shipments to 101 million units. So much for the instant impact of the iPhone, although most of Nokia’s market share gains were attributable to Motorola’s losses. Analysts predict Nokia will command 40% of the market by the second half of 2007.
The numbers, from the Journal:

Nokia said that net profit for the three months to June 30 increased to e2.828 billion from e1.14 billion the year before. Nokia’s earnings per share also increased to e0.72 cents from e0.28 cents, although diluted, excluding special items, this came in at e0.32, still ahead of analyst expectations of e0.28. Revenue increased 28.3% to e12.587 billion from e9.81 billion the same period of the previous year.

Nokia’s Net More Than Doubles On Strong Sales, Bigger Market Share [Wall Street Journal]

  • 16 Jul 2007 at 11:42 AM
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Can I Touch It? The iPhone, Cliff Mason And Uncle Jumbo

jimcrameriphone.bmpIn the latest video from TheStreet.Com TV, James “Uncle Jumbo” Cramer defends his alleged nephew Cliff Mason’s review of the iPhone. Uncle Jumbo explains that all the talk of the phone being a “babe magnet” was really just Cliff’s way of explaining the buzz around the phone that is driving sales and Apple’s stock price.
We were trying to decide what we thought of this rationale so we went back to Cliff’s original video, in which he shows the phone to the fetching host of the program, Farnoosh Torabi. “Can I touch it?” she asks. And yes, of course Cliff lets Farnoosh touch it. Who wouldn’t?
Uhm, what were we talking about. Oh, right. The Cliff Mason-iPhone Incident. We think maybe Cliff was telling us about the buzz using some of the lingo of these crazy kids. But then again, maybe he just meant that it’s a babe magnet. After all, one of the first text messages we ever got from an iPhone read: “Chicks dig it.
The Cliff Mason-iPhone Incident made Page Six headlines on Sunday. “Mason, in a streaming-video feed, says he bought the gizmo because he ‘wasn’t doing anything at the time’ and had ‘money to burn,'” Page Six explains. “It was worth it because he was soon surrounded by curious women. Asked by’s Farnoosh Torabi about the required iPhone switch from Verizon to AT&T, Mason shrugged and said his dad paid the bills.”
[Editor’s Note: we’re extinguishing the comments option for this post because getting raked over the coals by both Bess Levin and Page Six in the course of just a couple of days is enough punishment for anyone. No need to pile it on any further.]

  • 13 Jul 2007 at 1:24 PM
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The iPhone Is a Wingman, Not a Miracle Worker

iphone-praise.jpgCorrection: The purchase of an iPhone did not land Cliff Mason, Jim Cramer’s nephew, his first date. It just got the ladies on the street (dot com) to stand up and take notice when he whipped it out (are you picking up what we’re throwing down? Does anyone else think DealBreaker should close at noon on summer Fridays? For everyone’s sake?). Whipping out his iPhone was much more effective in getting the opposite sex to say “I’d like a piece of that young-looking James Cramer” than Cliff’s BlackBerry was (hint: don’t wear it in a holster, toots). For instance, in line at J.Crew:

Picture this: I’m just standing in line [at the J.Crew near my apartment], answering some email, when the fetching cashier who’s ringing me up begs to “see” my iPhone and then asks me half a dozen questions about how I like it.
As soon as she gets her hands on the thing, the cashier next to her catches sight of it and flashes me a look of what I can only describe as sheer ecstasy before asking if she, too, can take a look. When the two women on either side of me and the one in line behind me realized there was an iPhone owner in their midst, they reacted like I was one of the Beatles, circa 1964.

Like a Backstreet Boy circa 1996. Like a member of N’Sync circa 1997. But we digress. Now tell us about the waitress at BLT Burger:

I had a similar experience when I went to BLT Burger, which I cannot recommend too highly, and my waitress couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Sadly, my girlfriend was with me, so I couldn’t empirically test the full extent of the iPhone’s magnetic capabilities.

On another note, we’d like to offer Cliff an apology. Not because we called out the lack of disclosure about him being Cramer’s nephew, or for calling attention to his own admission of the fact that his father pays his Verizon bill, but because he will now apparently be forced to call Cramer ‘Uncle Jimbo,’ in the biblical sense. For the rest of you, take this as a warning: you disclose or you get the hose.
An iPhone: The Best $600 You’ll Ever Waste []

  • 12 Jul 2007 at 4:26 PM
  • Apple Correspondent Gets First Date As Result of iPhone

streetdotcomiphone.bmpThe Street spells it out in simple chapter and verse today: scoring tail is our bottom line, and you can do this, via the iPhone. Who did they enlist to test out this theory? Why it’s “Street Dot Com Staff Writer” Cliff Mason, who they don’t tell you is also Jim Cramer’s nephew. It wasn’t that nepotism is the name of the game at, but that Cliff was quite obviously the perfect candidate to prove that no matter how seemingly dorky, inept vis-à-vis the ladies (the exchanges with Farnoosh Torabi, “ correspondent” are particularly revealing) and Cramer-brand smug you are, with the iPhone in hand, you will attract the opposite sex, no questions asked.
Other reasons Cliff bought the mobile? Well, first of all, he “wasn’t doing anything” at the time and he “has money to burn,” which is why he “really didn’t think about it too much.” What about switching plans, did that pose any problems or headaches? Nah. Cliff was on Verizon but he really didn’t think twice about switching over to an AT&T contract. His dad, Mr. Mason one presumes, is still paying for the Verizon one.
The iPhone Equals Babe Magnet []