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Deal Lingo Lexicon: On The Tape

The blog Living The Dream (“The musings of someone who works on Wall Street, but not actually on Wall Street”) contributes this beauty to our understanding of deal lingo.

On the tape:

Originally stemming from the act of printing a stock trade on the ticker tape, the phrase “on the tape” is also used to describe the completion or completing any kind of action, especially one involving the exchange of money.
Original usage: “30K shares of ZVZZT went on the tape- who’s advertising the sale?”
“Enough dicking around! I want to put the deal on the tape by Thursday!”
“The tickets are on the tape, we’re all set for the concert tonight”
The phrase can also be used to describe a successful sexual encounter.
“You went out with Mary last night, right? Did you put her on the tape?”
“Look at that smile on her face, you know she put Jim on the tape last night.”

Actually, this brings up a new aspect of the Deal Lingo Lexicon–deal talk converted into casual conversation. Phrases that jump from conference calls to barroom chatter. If you have any suggestions for this new category, please leave them in the comments section below.
On the tape [Living The Dream]

Okay. That headline is a little hyperbolic. There will always be public markets because there will always a demand for investment opportunities from the capital markets. But it’s not impossible to imagine a shift in the public markets—one where we’d see fewer and fewer operating companies trading on stock exchanges, and more and more investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and pseudo-investment companies like Sears and Berkshire-Hathaway dominating. The question is not so much whether we want this intermediation between the capital markets and operating corporations to happen but why it’s happening?
Also, while we’ve got nothing but admiration for Blackstone’s Jonathan Gray, we do wish he wasn’t lifting his press quotes directly from our compodium of empty investment banking cliches, the Deal Lingo Lexicon.

“We believe that the skills and strengths of Equity Office will greatly enhance our existing office platform,” Jonathan D. Gray, senior managing director of Blackstone, said in a statement.

Blackstone Acquiring Trust in Richest Buyout [New York Times]

The Deal Lingo Lexicon, Day Two

Our Deal Lingo Lexicon project is going along very, very well. It’s turning into a grand how to guide to saying nothing at all while still having sounds coming out of your mouth. We’re very grateful for all the contributions so far, but we want more! So keep them coming please. (And feel free to add to our Deal Lingo Lexicon wiki page!)