DealBreaker’s Birthday

  • Aleksey Vayner, DealBreaker's Birthday

    Thanks for the Memories: Aleksey Vayner!

    Finally we come to the man who needs no introduction, Aleksey Vayner. We discovered Aleksey when his resume reached our desks, and on its second page there was a web address for his personal website. That led to his video resume, which was one of the most amazing things we had ever seen. It had […]

    / Mar 29, 2007 at 4:25 PM
  • DealBreaker's Birthday, Warren Buffett

    Thanks for the Memories: Warren Buffett!

    Warren Buffett is probably the most beloved figure in American finance. He is adored by his shareholders, and the annual statements of his company are read like they came from a burning bush with a better sense of humor. The shareholders meeting in Omaha is Woodstock for the financially conservative. And, as we discovered when […]

    / Mar 29, 2007 at 3:33 PM
  • DealBreaker's Birthday

    Happy Birthday DealBreaker!

    Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of DealBreaker. We started under the theory that greed is good entertaining and the past year has certainly borne that out. We also suspected that there were plenty of stories lurking on Wall Street and on the streets and behind the hedges of Greenwich that deserved […]

    / Mar 29, 2007 at 10:03 AM

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