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Who Wants To Be CEO Of RBS?

Chairman Phillip Hampton will lead a search for a CEO successor and will consider both internal and external candidates, the bank said. It may be difficult to find a replacement given the political interference in how it is run, said Crispin Odey, whose London-based Odey Asset Management LLP oversees $9.5 billion. “The real problem for the government is that they’ve made the job look so unattractive that I can’t imagine who they are going to fill it with,” said Odey, who said he sold his RBS shares because of government meddling in the bank. [Bloomberg, earlier]

Back in the day, Eric Kelly was a four-time National Amateur Boxing champion, who won the NYC Golden Gloves tournament twice, was ranked number one in the country and number four in the world. Then he took a pool cue to the eye and it ended his career. And while Kelly misses doing what he loves, some might say he currently has pretty, pretty sweet gig: teaching financial services hacks how to box by telling them how much they suck. Read more »