• 16 May 2006 at 5:21 PM
  • Banks

Duke Lax/Banking R-Squared = .999999999

Jossip confims our earlier report about the probable end-destination for Duke lacrosse players–investment banking:

While we’re still sorting out which Wall Street financial house has the unlucky fortune to be associated with Evans (perhaps we’ll let Dealbreaker.com in on the fun), we do know he was already apartment hunting, looking for a three bedroom flat in the $4-5,000 range somewhere in Greenwich Village, Union Square, Central Park South, Midtown, East Village, or SoHo.

We’ll reserve judgment about the bank’s fortune or lack thereof, given the way the case is going, but good luck finding a three-bedroom on Central Park South in the 4-5K range.
Duke Rape Suspect Dave Evans’ Grand I-Banking Plans [Jossip]
Update: WallStreetFolly speculates that the bank in question is probably Merrill Lynch.