Henry Blodget stands behind eBay’s decision to buy Kijiji (for the most part). Why? The purchase marks the ‘Bay’s prudent decision to “finally go into a business that makes strategic sense,” the world of online classifieds is just waiting for someone to conquer it, and Kijiji’s ads are “highly complementary” to eBay’s core business. Why not? Craigslist dominates the classifieds business, Craigslist is free, and Craigslist is “run by socialists who appear to have no interest in turning it into a real business” (and, ergo, will probably keep it free forever).
How can Kijiji compete with Craig? First, it should get some listings (or, “crap,” as Blodget calls it). Then it should capitalizes on Craig’s major flaw, which is that it’s “overloaded with crap.”
eBay Imports Kijiji: Good Idea, Tough Competition [Huffington Post]

  • 18 Jul 2006 at 12:08 PM
  • eBay

Should EBay’s CFO Sell His House On eBay

robert_swan_cfo.jpgMichelle Leder, of Footnoted.Org, reads the SEC filings of public companies so that you don’t have to. Today she’s read eBay’s recent 8-K, which reveals the online auctioneer is giving its CFO Bob Swan up to $700,000 of assistance if he cannot sell his Plano, Texas home for at least $3 million. Her suggestion: why not list Swan’s home on ebay, which currently has zero homes for sale in Plano. Maybe Swan doesn’t think real estate sellers get good value for their homes online?

Here’s an idea…