• Bank of America, Banks, Blackstone, Blackstone Group, GM, Goldman Sachs, Lazard, Lehman, M&A, Private Equity

    Chrysler Auction: Bids Due Thursday!

    It’s down to crunch time on the auction for Chrysler and major private equity firms have lined up their bankers to support their buyout proposals, according to a report this morning from the Detroit News. Blackstone and Centerbridge—who are working together—have Bank of America, Lazard and Lehman Brothers in their corner. Meanwhile, Cerberus Capital Management […]

    / Mar 27, 2007 at 10:44 AM
  • GM, Kirk Kerkorian

    Kirk Kekorian Out of GM: Rumors Pretty Much Confirmed!

    The rumors circulating yesterday about Kirk Kekorian selling the remains of his stake in General Motors have now more or less been confirmed. Yesterday afternoon, when large blocks of the shares started hitting the market, people started to guess that Captain Kirk was beaming himself of off Planet General Motors. His attempts to install new […]

    / Dec 1, 2006 at 8:55 AM
  • GM, Kirk Kerkorian

    There’s No Intelligent Life At GM, Scotty. Beam Me Up!

    13D Tracker has the (maybe, probably) scoop: Reports circulating that Kirk Kerkorian has sold his remaining 4.95% interest in General Motors (NYSE: GM). A large block of shares traded recently which is believed to be from Kerkorian. However, owning less than 5%, he doesn’t have to file any public information on his trading activity in […]

    / Nov 30, 2006 at 3:38 PM
  • GM, Merrill Lynch, sex

    Kerkorian Still Pushing GM-Renault Alliance

    Following last week’s announcement that he intends to buy more shares of General Motors, Kirk Kekorian has asked the General Motors board to hire an outside consultant to assess a possible alliance between GM and Renault. Even board members who aren’t enthusiastic about the alliance may support hiring an outside consultant, if only to hold […]

    / Oct 2, 2006 at 1:11 PM
  • GM, Kirk Kerkorian

    Will The French Kiss General Motors?

    How much do you love Kirk Kerkorian, who owns nearly 10% of General Motors and recently proposed that the trouble car company enter into an alliance with Nissan and Renault? Pure evil genius. So what if GM faces declining profits, plummeting sales and a declining market for gas-guzzling SUVs in the age of Really Effin’ […]

    / Jul 5, 2006 at 12:55 PM
  • China, Craigslist, GM, Lucent, Opening Bell, Wal-Mart

    Opening Bell: 4.3.06

    Alcatel Jumps on Plan to Buy Lucent in $13.4 Bln Swap (Bloomberg) It’s official; they’re merging. 8,800 jobs will be cut, Lucent’s Patricia Russo will be the first female CEO of a large French company, and nothing says bubble like Alcatel, the acquirer, jumping 8.8% on the news. The merger will be judged, obviously, on […]

    / Apr 3, 2006 at 8:25 AM

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