Goldman Sachs

Bonus Watch ’14: Goldman Sachs Déjà Vu

No miracles on Fleet Street this year.Top London staff may be having an unpleasant stagnant feeling. Like they’ve been here before. Because they have. Read more »

Here to help.And it’s going to do it the hard way: Not by buying someone else’s ETF platform, both because that wouldn’t really be a GOLDMAN SACH ETF platform and because there’s no sport in it, but by doing it all themselves. Maybe with a little help from on high. Read more »

God Smiles Upon His Chosen Bankers

Par-ty!If you had any doubt that the Big Guy (well, the other Big Guy) plays favorites, he bestowed a nice little treat on the House of Lloyd this week. Read more »

On the one hand....After an embarrassing predictive losing streak, Goldman resumed its customary winning ways on Election Day, when its millions helped put Mitch McConnell on the cover of Time magazine. And the bank has no intention of allowing its nascent winning streak to come to an end in guessing what the stock market’s going to do next year. Luckily, Team Lloyd has a plan. Two plans, actually. Read more »

The Anticipation Is Building At 200 West Street

Let's eat!Here’s something for which Lloyd Blankfein’s feeling pretty thankful. Read more »

If he had known....The bank’s about to ‘fess up to its profits on the “worthless” (or not so worthless?) derivatives it sold to Libya’s former “Brotherly Leader.” Read more »

Happy Early Hannukah.To be fair, great idea though it may be, it is available only to a very limited set of investors, in this case a set of one. But if you can’t beat the Brotherhood of the Sach—and you cannot—you can at least join them in shorting the euro, buying 10-year T-bills at between 2% and 3%, and siding with nickel over copper. Also: Read more »

Goldman Sachs Is Smart

Come to give thanks. Not smart enough to avoid almost certain death without that government lifeline in 2008, but smart enough to realize that said lifeline, coupled with the 1999 banking deregulation that helped lead to the financial crisis of which that almost certain death was a part, gave it (and Morgan Stanley) a tremendously unfair advantage over everyone else vis-à-vis commodities, one that’s still printing money for the bank. Read more »