Government Fiat Time

We Are Never Getting That Hour Back, Are We?

daylight-savings-time.jpgRemember earlier this week when we complained about a “phantom hangover?” Remember when we started drinking before noon? We’ve just now figured out what that was all about. The government had awakened us an hour early. Our bodies were saying it was cocktail hour noon while our clocks were reading 11 am. Damn Daylight Savings Time.
Does anyone like Daylight Savings Time? Last night we were told by a drunk in a bar in Brooklyn that “Benjamin Franklin invented daylight savings time because he hated farmers.” We have no idea what that means. But we do know that the government fiat taking away an hour of Saturday night has not gone over well with the sort of people who have to get up very early in the morning (traders) or people who write financial blogs.
Long or Short Capital groans:

This weekend, per decree of our government, we all have “sprung forward” into “Daylight Savings Time”. One hour was taken from our schedule, that could have been spent on any sort of profitable or enjoyable activity. What did we get in return? A government IOU; a promise that this hour will be returned in six months time. Without interest.

Meanwhile, Lee Distad is having trouble adjusting:

My diurnal rythms have really taken a beating this week. I’m normally up at 5am, caffeinated, and pounding out invective, analysis, snark…on my keyboard.
But this week hasn’t gone according to plan. My body thinks that it’s 4am when my alarm clock goes off in the morning, and rebels.

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