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Who Is The New Adonis Of Wall Street?

Earlier today we mentioned a legal battle between a nineteenth century gossip rag called the Flash and a stock-broker named Myer Levy. It seems that Levy’s good looks, or perhaps his reputation for whoring, led to him being nicknamed “the Adonis of Wall Street.”
That’s definitely a nickname that deserves to be dusted off, as one of our commenters pointed out. So who should be the new Adonis of Wall Street? Earlier votes have already been cast for Jamie Dimon, whose success at running JP Morgan Chase and Greeky good looks have many women on Wall Street rating him as crushtastic.

One of these things is not like the other

Ivanka.jpg One of these things, is just not the same. Try to guess which one! Here’s the current board of Trump Entertainment Resorts, chaired by The Donald.
– Wallace B. Askins, Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Armco, Inc.
– Edward H. D’Alelio, Executive-in-Residence and Member, College Management Advisor Board, University of Massachusetts, College of Management
– James J. Florio, Founding Partner, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Fader, LLC
– Cezar (Cid) M. Froelich, Partner, Shefsky & Froelich Ltd.
– Morton E. Handel, Chairman of the Board, Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
– Michael A. Kramer, Partner, Perella Weinberg Partners, LP
– James B. Perry, Chief Executive Officer and President, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.
– Don M. Thomas, Consultant and Retired Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of New York
– Ivanka Trump, 26-year Old Girl
Shares of Trump (Nasdaq: TRMP) shot up almost 3% on the news that Ivanka is joining the board, then came down to flat on yesterday’s close after people realized Trump installed several corporate defense mechanisms on his daughter, including a poison pill and supermajority change of control provision. All Ivanka has to do now is get licensed to work in the casino industry and like, learn shit.

Creepy Koch

kochs.jpg The 49th richest person in the world ($12bn), David Koch, co-owner (with older bro Charles) of the world’s largest private company Koch Industries, wants you to know he bagged a hottie over 20 years his junior. He wants you to know this by putting it in the creepiest terms humanly possible, by giving us the image of a porcine sonogram ogler, from Page Six:

DAVID Koch, the 6-foot-6 billionaire from Kansas, is extremely proud of his lovely blond wife, Julia. “Did you know that I was just out of college when my future bride was only 6 weeks old?” Koch, 66, informed writer Gregory Speck at the American Ballet Theater gala on Monday. “Well, they say that even a blind hog sometimes finds a truffle.”

Your verdict on Mrs. Koch (or how many times Mr. Koch got laid at MIT)?
Also, doesn’t David look like a slightly bloated Michael Caine?
Trophy Truffle [New York Post]

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Hotties Contest

sarah downie 3.JPGHey! Whatever happened to the “Bond Biz Hotties Contest?” We hear that question every couple of days. And we’ve been avoiding the question because, frankly, the answer is embarrassing. Embarrassing for us. Embarrassing for you. And, most of all, embarrassing for the bond boys and bond girls.
Here’s what happened—the entries, submitted by readers, were thin and weak. We had a couple of possible winners but not enough to call it a contest. This is truly sad because, well, AboveTheLaw held an ERISA lawyers hotties contest and they actually had a close contest, featuring some honest-to-God hotties. ERISA lawyers? Lawyers in general? We got beat by the lawyers?
So we’re planning to revisit the hotties contest but we want your help. Which segment of the financial community should we concentrate on? Wherein is the most fertile grounds for finding hotties? Send your suggestions to us at tips (at) dealbreaker (dot) com. Or leave them in the comments below. We’re sure we can make this work. But we need your help. Thanks!

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Bond Biz Hotties Contest: The Final Nomination Hours!

Bondgirl1.jpgThere are just about three hours left before we slam shut the nominations window in the Bond Biz Hotties Contest. So while we’re still accepting nominations, you’d better get them in quick. Time is running out!
So far we’ve got some strong contenders for the male category and almost none for the females. That’s just plain sexist. Surely you people aren’t saying that there are no attractive women working in fixed income? Doesn’t “bond girl” imply hotness?
So get on it, folks. Send your entries in to tips (at) dealbreaker (dot) com.
In case you missed it, here are the rules.

  • 20 Sep 2006 at 2:32 PM
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Bond Biz Hottie Contest: Only One Day Left For Nominations!

Okay. Fine. We get it. Some of you find DealBreaker’s Bond Biz Hotties Contest—our totally, almost but not really at all scientific quest for the most attractive bond traders, sales folks and operations peeps—a little bit creepy. And that’s okay! As Abovethelaw’s David Lat says, “To each her own. The blogosphere is a very big place.”
More importnatly, we’re getting plenty of nominations, which means many of you think this is a very, very good idea. We’re totally excited that you’re excited about the contest! May the hottest win!
So we’re giving you one last warning. The window for nominations closes tomorrow: Thursday, September 21, at 5 p.m. (Eastern time).
So, if you’ve been meaning to nominate a hot bond biz babe or bud but haven’t gotten around to it, don’t delay! Send us that nomination ASAP, by email (subject line: “Bond Hotties”). Guidelines for making nominations are listed here.

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Bond Biz Hotties

It had to happen sooner or later. The nomination phase of our Bond Biz Hotties Contest is quickly drawing to a close. We are setting a deadline for nominations: Wednesday, at 5 PM.
You still have time to submit your favorites. Remember this contest is open to anyone in the bond business. Sales, trading, even back-office administration. So get your nominations in now. Don’t delay!
A request: The nominations are coming up a bit short when it comes to the ladyfolks. So please send in some female nominations.
Here’s a quick reminder of the rules.
And a quick note: You don’t need anyone’s permission to nominate him or her. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even tell your hotties you are nominating them. You see, we have an iron rule that we will not honor requests from the nominees that they be removed from the contest. So go on and nominate those hotties. They can’t do a thing about it. (We’re even going to keep the identities of the nominators secret unless they request otherwise.)
Well, that’s just about everything you need to know about the first ever DealBreaker Hottie Contest. Just send us more nominations for America’s hottest bond boys and girls, by email (to tips AT dealbreaker DOT com, subject line: “Bond Hottie”). Thanks in advance for your submissions!

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Bond Trader/Sales Hotties: Still Time To Get Those Nominations In

allisonishappy.jpgWe’ve already had to disqualify one nominee, Allison K Schieffelin, the lead plaintiff in 2004’s sexual discrimination case against Morgan Stanley. Schieffelin got $12 million from that deal, so we’ve decided that her life is good enough as it is without also getting awarded the title hottie. (Also, she’s an effin litigious little thing, isn’t she? We’re afraid we’ll get sued and lose the DealBreaker yacht.)
Anyway, we’re still confident our little contest is going to be a huge hit. But we’ve decided to expand the field to include not just bond traders but sales as well. And since we’re feeling a bit crazy in this shortened week, we’ll open it up to anyone having anything to do with bonds.
If you’ve been meaning to nominate a hot bondster but haven’t gotten around to it, don’t delay! Send us that nomination ASAP, by email (subject line: “Bond Hotties”).
PS: If you need a reminder of the rules, we’ve laid them out for you right here.