Dealbreaker Interview: Chris Anderson

smallcover[1].jpg Following the July release of his new book, The Long Tail, Wired Magazine’s editor Chris Anderson took the time to talk with Dealbreaker about long tails, critics and double entendres:

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DealBreaker Interview: Andy Kessler

kesslerbook.jpgEx-hedge fund guy (and DealBreaker blogrollee)Andy Kessler, author of Wall Street Meat and Running Money, recently took time to talk to DealBreaker’s Carolyn Okomo about his new book, The End of Medicine, a witty, engaging examination of the heathcare industry in the not-too-distant future.

DealBreaker: Finance and technology has sort of always been your thing. In The End of Medicine, you utilize your expertise to analyze the healthcare industry. Was this an easy transition to make?

Andy Kessler: I spent 20 years looking for ever cheaper silicon that could change industries. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten bored. Wi-Fi and Wikis are cool, but a little dull. So I started looking for something else besides computing and telecom and music and stock trading and banking that technology would surround, squeeze, suffocate old business models and reshape in its image. In the meantime, a friend was diagnosed with cancer, only because he banged his head on a mogul skiing and an X-Ray showed a tumor on his neck. And a brother-in-law had a heart attack in the middle of the night. I wondered if there was some technology that could find this stuff early, before it was life threatening. Us baby boomers (I’m a late boomer at 47) are entering that fragile age.

So I started following doctors around, cardiologists, radiologists, researchers at cancer centers and universities, looking for silicon. What I found was astounding (and quite funny; I live to tell funny stories which is most of the book). It’s really just starting.

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AldenCass.jpgDr. Alden Cass, “therapist to the Stars Wall Street-ers,” has an enormous, framed poster of Wall Street behind his desk. Cass, who refers to himself as a “performance enhancement strategist,” is a psychologist who specializes in curing the psychoses of investment bankers, stockbrokers and the like. Our Q&A after the jump…

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