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betterdaysbuypepsi.jpgThe Financial Times, which we once held in high regard for its excellent business coverage (and charitable donations to this very website), goes Live Journal on us today. With the new editorial direction comes exactly what you’d expect: oversharing, misinformation, and horrible (and unsolicited, we might add) advice. And Britney Spears. Not surprisingly, it can all be traced back to Jim Cramer.

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Adventures In Awesome Headlines


donald trump.jpgTrump Entertainment announced today that it concluded its recent review of “strategic options” regarding a sale with the conclusion that no one wants to buy a company that can’t turn a profit. Last year TRMP’s losses totaled $18.5 million. This year, results have suffered from the smoking ban in AC casinos, the advent of slots in Pennsylvania and New York, and because The Don failed to bring the noise on the final season of The Apprentice. Shares of TRMP are down $2.17 (17.26%) to $10.41.
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