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  • 20 Aug 2008 at 3:55 PM
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What Is The Connection Between Leon Black And Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein, the high school math teacher turned mysterious money manager turned convicted sex criminal, has been appointed to the board of a charity run by Apollo founder Leon Black, Cityfile is reporting. It’s unclear what the relationship between Black and Epstein might be, although Cityfile speculates that Epstein might be managing Black’s money.
City file also turns in this bit of titillating news:

Black’s foundation’s funds were kept in accounts at Bear Stearns and Epstein was a major Bear client, and was reported to have lost close to $60 million when Bear’s hedge funds went south.

Exposed: The Leon Black-Jeffrey Epstein Connection!

Jeff Epstein Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends

nadia2.jpgJeffrey Epstein, the billionaire money manager serving time for soliciting sexual massages from Palm Beach area girls, isn’t exactly lonely in jail. During his first month at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s 17-acre stockade, fifty-five Epstein was visited by two attractive girls in their twenties who allegedly played a role in facilitating his rub and tug habits.
Twenty nine year old Sarah Kellen (pictured right), Epstein’s ever-present personal assistant who allegedly arranged Epstein’s liaisons with local high school girls, made three visits to Epstein in July, according to the Palm Beach Post. Nadia Marcinkova (pictured left), 23, who has been described as a “sex slave” Epstein purchased from her family in Eastern Europe, visited Epstein four times last month. (Nadia, who reportedly was a real estate agent for Douglas Elliman, lists her address as a Manhattan apartment near Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion.)
Epstein’s also been visited by a couple of scientist friends of his, according to the Post.
Tycoon Epstein draws eclectic mix of visitors to jail [Palm Beach Post]


cordero.JPGHere’s some terrible news sure to send you into a downward spiral ending on cold tiles of the Bear Stearns’s fourteenth floor men’s room, pants around your ankles and shotgun in hand (which, for some people—non-senior BSC executives—would be considered a bad thing): Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Maximilian Cordero, has broken it off with boyfriend/lawyer/blogger William Unroch. Cordero, for those who might have unconscionably forgotten, is the aspiring model who claims billionaire massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein lured her underage self into his den of iniquity on the promise that he and his friends would help her with her career, and maybe even get her into the Victoria’s Secret catalog if Cordero would only “be nice to him,” which, in Epstein-speak, translates to standing around awkwardly while he jerked off into a towel. Cordero’s also the one (alleged) victim, that we know of, who has the distinction of being born a man (having pulled a fast one on Epstein by taking hormone pills since she was sixteen, displaying a rack that impressed many a DealBreaker reader, and using the nickname Max, which could really go either way). No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, but hazarding a guess, we’re thinking it’s a distinct possibility that things started to go south for the couple when it was revealed that Cordero might’ve been over 18 at the time of her run in with Epstein, a fact that slightly undermines the case and the millions of dollars the couple was hoping to gain. That sort of disappointment would put a strain on any relationship, even those not involving trannies, purple vibrators and old men and their toupees. Cordero’s new lawyer is Jonathan Lenoir.
Major Twist In ‘Minor’ Sex Suit [NYP]

Housekeeping: Pimps y Pervs

hawaii chair.jpgI’m not sure when or how we became the mouthpiece of gay pimp Billy Ash but apparently we are and all I’m saying is that we could all do a lot worse. As Mr. Ash’s representative, I’m supposed to tell you that he hosted a Mardis Gras party last night to benefit children with drug and alcohol problems in Seth Tobias’s name (pictures after the jump, as we have sponsors who threatened to pull ads if they saw “one more fat guy in a mask” to pander to). Ash will also be attending a mass service today for his old boss in San Diego, and all are welcome.
In other news, another one of massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein’s victims has come forward, seeking $50 million for being forced to touch the billionaire while he touched himself a few years ago in Palm Beach, Florida. In further news we finally scraped together the funds to buy one of those rotating chairs a few of you recommended so highly.
Circling back for a second, I would everyone to know that I am starting to take seriously my side gig as PR rep for a crazy, deli meat-gorging goomba and a gay pimp. First order of business is to try and secure a nomination for Mr. Ash at this event next year:

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Business As Usual At Jeff Epstein’s House

Radar has the details of the first suit brought against massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein in court (in November Epstein decided to take his chances and forgo a plea bargain. Ballsy. I like it.) The plaintiff, “Jane Doe,” is seeking $50 million from the Palm Beach billionaire. Unfortunately, it’s for pretty standard-issue Epstein stuff, and at no time mentions a transsexual named Maximilian. I’ve anticipated how disappointed DealBreaker readers will be to hear this news, and have enclosed a little treat which you’ll get shortly. First, the complaint from JD: the girl was underage, lured to Epstein’s house by personal assistant Sarah Kellan under the pretense of “giv[ing] a wealthy man a massage for monetary compensation” while wearing only a towel, forced to stand there awkwardly while Epstein masturbated into a towel, and sometimes be touched with a purple vibrator. On several occasions she was asked to bring friends. Now, the treat:

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Speaking of, well, see below, Maximilia Cordero is now suing the New York Post for smearing ‘her.’ You’ll remember that Cordero came forward alleging she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein after word got around that the mysterious money manger would plead guilty to charges of soliciting prostitution down in Palm Beach. After she fired suit against Epstein for sexual misconduct when she was underaged, the Post printed stories alleging that Cordero was born a man.
And thus a new lawsuit was born. Now Cordero and her lawyer (and alleged sometime boyfriend) William Unroch have filed a lawsuit the Post, claiming it engaged in a smear campaign coordinated with Epstein’s flack Howard Rubenstein (who is also the publicist for the Post).
Radar has all the dirt, but here’s the dirtiest bit:

Conspicuously absent from the accusations is the Post’s revelation that Cordero was born a man. A source tells Radar that the initial filing of the suit by Unroch includes as an exhibit a birth certificate, which showed Cordero being born Maximilia Cordero, a woman. Reached by phone this weekend, Unroch (with Cordero commenting loudly in the background but declining to come to the phone), called the Post’s behavior “outrageous” but refused to address Cordero’s birth gender or the authenticity of the birth certificate originally filed. “She’s a woman,” Unroch tells Radar. So, why not go after the Post’s gender claims?
“It’s a slam dunk case whether she was born a cat, a dog, or a space alien,” Unroch says. He also claims to have phone records proving a series of calls between Epstein and the then-16-year-old Cordero. He names several Post reporters in the suit, including one from Australia, whose work status he says he plans to question along with the overall foreign labor use by the Post. “They came into my junkyard,” Unroch says, “and I’m a pitbull. And I’m going to bite them so hard that they’ll never do this to anyone else.”

And now back to your regularly scheduled pictures of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
Epstein’s Accuser Sics Law Dog On Page Six [Fresh Intelligence]

Jeff Epstein Is Still Not Gettting Off

The New York Post today checks in with mysterious money manager and massage devotee Jeff Epstein, and comes back with the re-assuring news that, despite rumors that he might try to fight the charges against him, Epstein is “resolute” about his plans to plead guilty to a single charge of soliciting underage prostitution. Epstein is expected to get an 18-month prison term.
Meanwhile, more bizarre stories about Epstein continue to emerge. Last week, the Daily News’ Rush & Molloy reported that Epstein allegedly used his friendship with Tommy Mottola to flatter young girls with a chance at a recording contract.
Bear Stearns, where Epstein got his start in finance, could not be reached for comment no matter how hard we stared at the phone and tried to dial it with our minds.
Cops Flops Letting Mogul Get Off Easy [New York Post]

Money Can’t Buy Jeff Epstein Love

Rock ‘n rollers have long known that money can’t buy love…but connections to the music business can. That may be why mysterious billionaire Jeff Epstein—who may be the most mysterious man whose ‘behind closed doors’ life details we known most about—allegedly liked to bring girls up to his buddy Tommy Mottola’s office to let them audition for the music bigwig. Apparently, the billions, the private island, and the jet weren’t enough to seal the deal. Sometimes Epstein would tell certain girls that he could get them record contracts, a source tells Rush & Molloy. We’ve also heard that Epstein would tell girls he could get them modeling contracts with Victoria Secret.
Rush & Molloy [New York Daily News]