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250px-Rolltop_desk.JPGIkea just isn’t what it used to be, you know? Once a cool, hip, Swedey design company, it’s basically devolved into just a run of the mill furniture store whose difficulty to get to is rivaled only by the fact that it charges over a hundred dollars to deliver something worth less than forty, playing on the fact that some of us out there can’t fathom carrying a table up five flights of steps. But there’s hope yet! Saving Animals Across Borders is auctioning off the desks of former Enron employees Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling and Richard Kinder! Each one has a minimum bid of $25,000 and is made with “an elegant Makore Pommelle veneer,” to say nothing of the vintage edition copies of “Heart of Darkness” and “How To Win Friends and Influence People” (for those saracstic afternoons) in each top drawer. Personally, we’re saving our money for the shredder auction, but you should feel free to bid on these pieces of history today—you’ve got ‘til Sunday!

Ken Lay’s desk goes up for grabs
[CNN Money]

Ken Lay Is Dead

marleyghost.jpgWe guess this makes it official. Today we checked in with both of our favorite Ken Lay Lives conspiracy sites—and neither of them have been updated in ages. sports a post dating back to July. And plain-old is now just blogspam.
So Ken Lay Lives is officially over. Ken Lay is dead. And his ghost has seen his conviction vacated.
Rest in peace.

  • 18 Oct 2006 at 10:02 AM
  • Enron

The Ghost of Ken Lay Set Free!

marleyghost.jpgAs expected, a federal judge voided Ken Lay’s conviction yesterday. The founder of failed energy trading outfit Enron had been convicted by a Texas jury of conspiracy and fraud for his role in the 2001 collapse of the company six weeks before his death. The judge in the case ruled yesterday that because Lay died before having a chance to file for appeal, the conviction had to be set aside.
Of course the real deal here isn’t about freeing Ken Lay’s ghost from the calumny of criminal conviction. The public perception of his role as a villain in one of the biggest corporate scandals ever will likely survive any legal technicalities. Like so much else, this is really about money. You see, the decision will make it far more difficult for the government to order the forfeiture of the $43.5 that prosecutors say he pilfered from Enron.
Which isn’t the say that Ken Lay’s heirs can rest assured that Lay’s fortune will be theirs to keep. Civil suits will proceed apace, and often these do not require the presence of a defendant in the way a criminal trial does. Yes. You read that right. You and your estate can be sued even once you’ve taken shelter in the grave. We’ll leave the legal technicalities to the specialists over at AboveTheLaw, though.
Later today we’ll check in with the various Ken Lay Lives factions to see how the “living Ken Lay” is reacting to news that his alleged alleged death has vacated his conviction.
Judge vacates Ken Lay’s Enron conviction [Houston Chronicle]

The Ghost of Ken Lay Moves One Step Closer to Innocence

marleyghost.jpgKen Lay’s soul moved a bit further up the ladder of legal purgatory yesterday when a judge approved a motion by the lawyer expected to represent him in his appeals. Attorney Samuel Buffone had asked the court to substitute Ken Lay’s estate for the man himself, the first step in having the jury verdict against Lay for his role in the collapse of Enron vacated. Since Lay died before sentencing, his verdict was never considered final and legal precedent suggests it may now be vacated. Apparently, you cannot issue a final verdict against a dead man, so Lay moves one step closer to the paradise of technical innocence.
Of course, the perfect timing of Lay’s death has sparked rumors that Lay faked his death or brought it about intentionally. If the verdict is vacated, it will make it more difficult for prosecutors to confiscate his assets. This may mean Lay’s heirs will be able to enjoy the gains from the activities for which the jury convicted him.

Ruling lets lawyers move on effort to clear Lay
[Houston Chronicle]

Ken Lay: Forget Options Timing, How About Death Timing?

kenlayandhorizon.jpgIt seems it’s not just DealBreaker’s Bess Levin who is convinced Ken Lay lives. The analysts Long and Short Capital today gave the theory it’s official rating.

So if you are convicted of the largest financial fraud in history, but die in between conviction and sentencing, the conviction will be vacated by the Gov? And your assets are now fully unemcumbered by any legal claim? So Ken Lay died at the time at which it could confer maximum possible benefit to his name and to his family? I won’t even ask what happens if he turns up on a golf course in his Tommy Bahamas shirt in 2 years because double indeminity will prevent him from being charged again, a free man with millions holed away around the world…
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We Reiterate Our Long Position on Ken Lay’s Life

The Ghost of Ken Lay Haunting Courts

marleyghost.jpgEven the dead have laywers, at least if they were very rich. Attorneys for allegedly dead Ken Lay began the process of expunging his criminal record, according to the people who accord these sort of things.
Let’s take the Law Blog, for instance:

Samuel Buffone of Ropes & Gray in Washington, D.C., whom Lay had retained to represent him on appeal, filed a motion asking Judge Sim Lake to substitute Lay’s estate for the late defendant so he could appear in court on Lay’s behalf.
The motion stated that once the court recognizes him as the attorney for the estate, he will “move to vacate the convictions of Mr. Lay and dismiss the indictment.”
Lay died on July 5, in Aspen, Colo., of heart disease just weeks after his conviction on conspiracy and fraud charges. Because a final judgment wasn’t issued — he had not yet been sentenced or gone through the appeals process — Judge Lake is widely expected to toss both the verdict and indictment, wiping out Lay’s criminal record.

Inquiring minds want to know—why would dead Ken Lay care about whether he went to the next word with a criminal record? There’s a boring answer: it may prevent prosecutors from confiscating Lay’s assets from his heirs, blah, blah, blah. And then there is the batshit-crazy conspiracy answer (preferred by the likes of DealBreaker’s Bess Levin): because Ken Lay is alive and well and living in a chalet somewhere and he wants to keep his stuff out of the hands of the government that let him and God down by convicting him.
The Legal Process to Vacate Lay’s Conviction Begins [WSJ’s Law Blog]

Can’t All The Living Ken Lays Just Get Along?

kenlaylives.jpgThe “Ken Lay” who blogs over at is none too happy with the t-shirt selling site

Some bastards registered a domain name ripping off the clever, catchy name of my blog. What’s more is they are selling t-shirts to profiteer off of my tragedy. Can you imagine somebody viciously making buckets of money at the expense of others? I cannot. Oh, the humanity! But remember, this is the world’s only “official” website giving you updates of my life in exile. Those sycophants at will NEVER receive my endorsement or help.

Update: seems to have died. Or maybe exceeded its bandwidth limits. In any case, rumors are already circulating that hasn’t actually died. It’s just in hiding somewhere.
Ken Lay Lives!!! []

Ken Lay: Life After “Death”

Despite the autopsy, Ken Lay was recently spotted in a New York area airport.

Don’t check the casket. I know he’s back. When I saw those lights flickering out at La Guardia Airport yesterday and heard the eerie shrieks and moans in the dark, broiling subway tunnels, I just knew it: Ken Lay’s alive! We can see his spirit in every flickering lightbulb from Kansas to Queens as we head into America’s annual Blackout season.

Ken Lay’s Alive!