kicking mark zuckerberg when he’s down

  • kicking mark zuckerberg when he's down

    Founding Facebook President Meh At Best On FB

    It’s fine if you’re a hermit but otherwise the site just doesn’t do it for Sean Parker anymore.

    Mr. Parker, who was the founding president of Facebook and was instrumental in helping Mark Zuckerberg expand that site, his latest venture’s ability to help people expand their social networks and meet new people. He said social networks like Facebook can actually prevent you from meeting new people, and he described the current repertoire of social Web experiences as “boring.” “We’re trying to restore surprise and serendipity to the Internet,” he said. “It was definitely there in the early days, but it has disappeared.”

    Napster Founders Unveil a Video Chat Service [Bits]

    / Jun 5, 2012 at 4:09 PM