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googtubelogo3.JPGA few weeks ago bloggging tech mogul Mark Cuban wrote that anyone who bought YouTube would be immediately sued by the media companies whose copyrighted materials make-up so much of the most popular material on the video sharing website. Now he’s admitting that not only hasn’t this happened following the acquisition by Google, but it wasn’t ever likely to happen.
But not because the media companies don’t care about their copyright. And not because they just love YouTube so much they’ve decided to let the kids play with their content. It’s because they are suing smaller video sharing websites, building legal precedent favoring strong copyright enforcement and gaining leverage for negotiations with GoogTube.

If they can win some judgements saying these little sites are not protected by Safe Harbor rules, then they have all the leverage in the world to dictate licensing terms to sites that until now have not proactively enforced copyright but have instead chosen to rely on rightsholders takedown notices. If one of those sites has deep pockets, then it could turn into a payday for rightsholders, whether via lawsuit or licensing terms.

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Nasty Turn in Sharesleuth Controversy

markcubansouthpark.jpgGary Weiss has been one of the most outspoken critics of Mark Cuban’s plan to trade stocks of companies that are targets of Sharesleuth in advance of the publication of critical articles on the site. Yesterday,things took a weird and nasty turn when Cuban posted an item to his blog claiming that Weiss was using a pseudonym to edit the ‘Mark Cuban’ wikipedia entry, inserting new language to make it more critical. Today Weiss is back, issuing a total denial of the charge, calling it a lie.
They are still battling it out in the comments section on GaryWeiss’s blog even as we post this item. Hard to believe that these two used to be allies of sorts–both were loud critics the anti-naked short selling conspiracy crowd.

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It’s Official: Mark Cuban Finally Loses It

cuban.jpgThe much anticipated first post on ShareSleuth has been delayed. The company scrutinized in the article has leveled threats of lawsuits and criminal charges against reporter Chris Carey and investor Mark Cuban. What’s more, they’ve come to the conclusion that they need to hire an independent fact checker to go over the pieces before they hit the interwebs.
Ironically, this delay probably gives Cuban more time to get in place his shorts against the stock of the company his website is about to attack.

Almost there
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Sharesleuth is Up and Running! Sort of.

cuban.jpgThere’s not much there yet but has officially launched. The new website aims at uncovering corporate misdeeds. It’s being written by veteran reporter Christopher Carey and, err, underwritten by Mark Cuban. When the project was announced it generated some controversy because Cuban said he planned to trade on information uncovered by the site’s reporter.
Cuban’s apparently sticking by his plans. According to the first entry on Sharesleuth, “In certain instances, the majority partner of is going to make personal investments based on information we uncover. Those investments will be fully disclosed, so that readers can evaluate any potential conflicts of interest.”
That first post was dated July 1. All quiet since then. Surely it’s too early for the SEC to have shut it down already.
Welcome to the Jungle [Sharesleuth.Com]