Planespotting Strikes Back

GV.jpgYet another [totally unconfirmed**] report yesterday from The Planespotter:

Who says Americans don’t know what’s going on outside our borders? IAC’s Bombardier Global Express twinjet took the overnight flight from Teterboro to Cote d Azur today and Morgan Stanley Management Services took their G-V to Geneva yesterday. Sequoia Capital is really taking the lead in burnishing our image overseas, though. First, the G-IV registered to Sequoia partner and Google director Michael Moritz took off to Le Bourget just days after returning from a three day trip to Sevilla. That I get. Sequoia’s other plane, though, a Falcon 50, is currently en route from Iqaluit in way northern Canada to Florence (or as they call it there Firenze). Oil sands to olive oil? No clue on that trip.

** Well, okay, not totally. IAC has a Bombadier (tail no. N393BZ), MS Management Services has a couple of G-Vs (N123M, N223MD), etc. We just don’t know where they are at all times.

The Revenge of Planespotting

GV.jpgYet another update from The Planespotter:

So, either legendary global investor Gary Brinson or Lone Star Global Acquisitions president Ellis Short are taking their fractionally owned G-IV to Pulkova at St. Petersburg, Russia overnight. Good luck. Natural resources are hot if you don’t end up in the Russian pokey. Likewise, Thomas H. Lee’s G-IV that was out in Denver last week is now at Dallas-Ft Worth. Natural resources are hot. While they’re at that, I hope execs at Thomas H. Lee are either planning a deal in the Low Country region or have killer handicaps right now considering how often their other G-IV has taken them to Savannah-Hilton Head, Charleston, and Brunswick, GA in the past two weeks. Check for the golf-glove tan.

In other news, Nokia pulled their G-V into Teterboro yesterday. In another unlikely combination, the G-IV fractionally owned by the New York Stock Exchange, Chesapeake Energy and Gagosian Gallery spent their weekend in Paris, landing at Le Bourget. I don’t like de Gaulle, either. Happy trails.

Per usual, we haven’t confirmed said planespottings, but are now considering a trip to Paris for reportorial purposes.
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Planespotting: The Sequel

GV.jpgOur planespotter sends an update:

So the SAC G-V is safe back home at Teterboro after a brief stop at a regional Boston airport. If you want some gasoline to throw on your speculation about this trip, Janus’ Challenger 604 touched down at Westchester Co. (HPO – just minutes from Greenwich!) on April 30 and doesn’t appear to have moved since. Relational Investors piloted their Falcon 2000 from San Diego to Teterboro today. Be glad you’re not the target of whoever it is that the “we’re not a hedge fund we’re investment advisers” activists are here to see. They can be a real pain in the ass, just ask Sovereign Bancorp. And United Healthcare, I know that your G-V is really comfy, but with the price of gas these days, do you really think it’s been a good idea to shuttle back and forth between St. Paul and Teterboro/Westchester every single day this week?

We haven’t confirmed said planespottings, but we’re thinking of plotting them on a Google map anyway and using it to annoy George Clooney. We’re also collecting private jet tail numbers, to be used later for the usual mischief-making purposes. If you have any to contribute, send to tips AT dealbreaker DOT com.

Where In the World Is Stevie Cohen’s G-V?

GV.jpgA late night update (11:30PM) from yesterday’s planespotter:

…Another Gulf-IV arrived (owned by a Banc of America leasing company but not the bank itself – no word on occupants) at Centennial from Teterboro on Tues, 6:59 PM MDT. The G-V registered to SAC stopped at Kansas City (KMCI) for at least the day in the afternoon and has stayed there until now.

Our Colorado bureau is off using the DealBreaker G-V for personal errands, so we can’t confirm said spottings, which may be merely vicious, sordid rumors of private jet landings. We are, however, willing to outsource SAC-stalking to volunteers. Send Stevie-spottings to tips AT dealbreaker dot com.


GV.jpgA reader writers:

I was indulging in some internet planespotting and noticed that at 8:49 AM MDT (this morning) a Gulfstream IV registered to Thomas H Lee Management arrived at Centennial, a small, general avation airport outside of Denver; less than two hours later at 10:44 a Gulfstream V registered in part to SAC Capital Advisors arrived. No idea what it means but looks really coincidencey to me.

Well, there’s one obvious conclusion to infer: SAC has better private planes than Thomas H. Lee. Also, the brunch at Ellyngton’s is fantastic and wholly worth the hop/skip/flight over.
As for what else is happening in Denver: MorganStanley’s looking at TransMontaigne, but nothing else comes immediately to mind. Any other info? Send to tips AT dealbreaker dot com. Update: A reader points out that there are Janus takeover rumors circulating at the moment.