Plotkin Plot

Everyone’s favorite former Goldman Sachs fixed income analyst was sentenced to fifty-seven months in prison today. That’s at the low end of what prosecutors had asked for, and exactly what Plotkin requested in his plea for leniency. Well, maybe not ‘exactly.’ Plotkin had asked the judge to give him credit for the last 10 months, which he has spent under house arrest. Apparently the judge doesn’t give extra credit for homework.
Ex-Goldman analyst gets prison in insider case [Reuters]

Does anyone know exactly what Eugene Plotkin did as a fixed-income analyst at Goldman Sachs? We’ve wondered and probed and asked but have never been able to get to the bottom of this question. How amazing would it be if he produced some amazing report about how the US housing market was headed for trouble and advised shorting mortgage based derivatives?
An important update on Plotkin after the jump.

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Breaching Confidentiality

As Eddy Elfenbein has pointed out on Crossing Wall Street, you can use the NASD website to look up information on your broker. Or you can, say, look up the employment history of alleged insider trader Eugene Plotkin.
There’s lots of confidentiality language that you have to agree to in order to use the site. But, after extensive consulatation with the DealBreaker Legal Department, we don’t think anything in there prevents us from disclosing that the site is not, exactly, up to date. It still lists Plotkin as currently employed at Goldman, for instance. So beware.