Polly Courtney

Polly Courtney Rides Again!

Remember Polly Courtney? She was the refugee from London investment banking who wrote a book about her experiences. Her book, Golden Handcuffs, is now available on Amazon’s UK site, although the bookseller says it takes several weeks to ship. This probably means something but we’re not experts in the publishing industry so we have no idea what that would be.
The picture above was sent by a reader. Is that Polly herself in the weird little promotional vehicle? It looks like her but its hard to tell since she’s not hanging upside down on a stripper pole.

Polly Courtney Take A Turn on The Pole

Courtney_450x308.jpgWe have to admit that we are starting to develop something of a crush on Polly Courtney. We haven’t read any of her book yet—there are five chapters available on her website—but we enjoyed her email lamenting Helen Green’s £800,000 win against Deutsche Bank. She’s not hard on the eyes. She’s smart—engineering at Cambridge and at least a couple of years at Merrill Lynch. And now the Daily Mail reports that our girl enjoys a little, uhm, pole dancing every now and then. She denies doing it professionally, of course. But she certainly seems to have the whole gravity defying, inverted thigh lock thing down.
So that might explain why we were annoyed by the tone and headline of the Daily Mail’s article. Oh my, she complained of sexism and she’s a bit of a party gal! Is this supposed to be hypocrisy? Is the theory that you can’t really be bothered by sexism at work if you’ve swung yourself around a stripper pole a couple of times? We call bullshit on that line of reasoning.

City woman who quit over sexism admits pole dancing
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