Proxy Fight

Carl Icahn is like Ocho Cinco and T.O.

Following in the footsteps of superstar NFL wide-outs Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens (and former Kansas Senator Bob Dole), Carl Icahn referred to himself in the third-person today on his blog post, “Concerning the Annual Yahoo! Meeting.”
“Additionally, if any committee is formed to negotiate a meaningful transaction, Carl Icahn will be a member of that committee,” he wrote.
Now, Carl just needs a slick nickname to be right up there with Johnson and Owens. Suggestions?
Anyway, in his latest post, Carl makes it clear that he will not be attending the meeting since the proxy fight is over. He said, “it will not do shareholders or Yahoo! any good to have the annual meeting turn into a media event for no purpose.”
Carl reiterated that his minority position on the board is significant because he will be involved in any major transaction that Yahoo explores. The compromise that was reached between the two parties appears to be very beneficial for Icahn, especially since support for his board slate had significantly waned in recent weeks. We will have coverage of the meeting tomorrow.

–Senior third-person correspondent Travis

Miller Backs Microsoft Buyout Of Yahoo

Bill Miller, the Legg Mason fund manager who controls 5.4 percent of Yahoo, wants to see Microsoft buy the company. Halfway measures–such as a joint venture –don’t interest him.
That would seem to put him squarely in Icahn’s camp. But Miller’s still being coy, saying he’s undecided on how he’ll vote in the proxy fight.

Legg’s Miller undecided on Icahn’s Yahoo slate

Pirate Capital Booty

Pirate Booty.bmpTom Hudson’s Pirate Capital continues to blaze ahead with the best proxy fight innovation since the poison pill was invented—proxy swag! Today they’re offering Aquilla, Inc. shareholders pins featuring the face of Aquila chief executive Rick Green. Using a specially designed website called Bad Acquila Deal The Pirates have been leveling cannon fire against Aquila’s plan to sell itself to Great Plains Energy, arrrrhg-uing (sorry) that the sale price is too low and the process flawed.
The Rick Green Button [Bad Aquilla Deal]
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