Quote of the Day

“This is where IT becomes sexy again.”
-John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems
Chambers was talking about virtualization, or server optimization software and architecture that allow for multiple operating systems and more readily accessible server space. Chambers was also trying to capture some mid-90’s mojo, claiming that a new Web boom is on the horizon, or at least a CSCO share price boom spurred by the company’s investment in VMware and new line of VFrame products integrated with VMware’s virtualization software.
Unfortunately, Cisco’s meager 1.6% stake in VMware doesn’t have investors all that excited, as shares of CSCO are down 1.0% today. Shares of VMware, on the other hand, are up 2.0%, making it the best performing IPO this year since it was spun off from majority shareholder EMC.
Chambers touts ‘virtualization’ at event [MarketWatch]

  • 21 Dec 2006 at 2:09 PM
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Quote of the Day: Eddy Elfenbein, Telepath

“I watch CNBC in my office with the sound muted. Strangely, even with no sound, I can always understand what Rick Santelli is saying.” –Eddy Elbenbein, Crossing Wall Street.
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