The Filming of Boiler Room: A Re-Enactment.

[Editor’s Note: Here at DealBreaker, we spend most of our time working to bring you news, making your DealBook shorter and insinuating that Warren Buffett is going to hell. But when we’re not doing that, we like to revel in the joys of Wall Street pop culture. (Average daily schedule at DealBreaker: Get up, watch CNBC, revel, revel, tweak Buffett, revel, Shorter DealBook, revel, lunch, news, revel, revel, news, revel, bedtime.) Along those lines, we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Boiler Room, re-enacted by inanimate objects. We considered hiring actors but ultimately decided that the range of physical and emotional expressiveness in Vin Diesel’s seminal performance as “Chris Varick” could easily be replicated by a 12-inch high plastic “Ken” doll. DealBreaker Intern Bess Levin narrates…]
boiler room 002.jpg
Starring:Ben Affleck
boiler room 007.jpg
Giovanni Ribisi
boiler room 008.jpg
and Vin Diesel
boiler room 011.jpg

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