• 10 Nov 2006 at 12:03 PM
  • Banks

No Fly Means No Entry At Deutsche Bank

60wall_street_top.jpgWe hear Deutsche Bank’s super-suped-up security extends beyond just the beefy armed guards patrolling the street outside its headquarters at 60 Wall. Yesterday apparently a consultant who was scheduled to attend a meeting at the bank was denied entry because his name appears on the federal “no fly” list.
“It was the most intense security I’ve seen, except for maybe the Israeli consulate,” a source who was present when the consultant was denied entry tells DealBreaker.
In our experience, security measures vary a good deal from bank to bank. You can practically just walk into some, while others like Deutsche Bank are locked down tighter than the Pentagon. We’re curious about security where you work. Leave a message in the comments section below describing security measures at your bank or at banks you’ve visited.

  • 09 Oct 2006 at 11:33 AM
  • Amaranth

Has Brian Hunter Hired Bodyguards?

London’s Sunday Times Prufrock column says it’s hearing that Amaranth trader Brian Hunter has hired bodyguards. Even more striking, the Times report says the guards were hired after “several attempted attacks” from colleagues.
Are Amaranthers really trying to attack Hunter? We’re putting this at about a 30% chance of being true, because we find it hard to imagine energy traders in Calgary as thugs or assassins. And we find it hard to imagine Amaranth’s Greenwich, Connecticut staffers actually making the trip all the way out to Calgary just to deliver a beat down on the guy.
So has Hunter hired bodyguards? We’d give this about a 60% chance of being true. If we’d lost more than $6 billion of other people’s money, we’d probably think about a little extra security ourselves. Just because Amaranth employees aren’t attacking Brian Hunter doesn’t mean he’s not paranoid.
The trader they hate [Sunday Times; fourth item]