• 04 Aug 2008 at 2:16 PM
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No Sex Please, We’re In A Recession

Over at, they’re also asking about the recession and sex. In some ways, a tighter budget can improve your sex life, they write. Less eating out can help cut the extra pounds, and couples often grow closer to each other while they get more creative about their activities. On the other hand, increased stress can sap the libido and decreased income can mean less to spend on dates.
“I lost my job in May and haven’t been that interested in sex because I have been so worried about finding another gig. I’m also super worried about my finances and it’s not making me feel so sexy. The BF is starting to lose patience,” a woman named Maria tells TheFrisky.
Debate This: Is The Recession Ruining Your Sex Life? [TheFrisky]

  • 04 Aug 2008 at 1:51 PM
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Do Recessions Help Or Hurt Your Love Life?

Will layoffs on Wall Street help you get laid? Anecdotal evidence collected from conversations with investment bankers, brokers and traders suggest the bad economic times on Wall Street may be leading to romance for some while others are finding it tougher to date and mate. Surprisingly, it seems to matter less whether you are employed or unemployed and more whether you are a man or a woman.

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  • 21 Jul 2008 at 4:34 PM
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Bankers Beware: The Women At Ulysses Are On To Your Tricks

As it turns out, married men are still allowed to drink in the Wall Street watering hole called Ulysses. One young woman apparently once met a JP Morgan banker there who turned out to be married and yet was less than forthcoming about his marital status.
Don’t you people know that you can’t get away with this anymore? The internet won’t allow it. What follows is the tale of a determined young woman who gathers evidence of her would-be suitor’s marital status from websites and, eventually, through calls to his home. The trap is sprung over a dinner with a friend watching nearby. What happens next is somewhat of a let-down however.
After the jump we give you the not all that exciting conclusion to this sordid (if all too common) tale.

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  • 10 Jun 2008 at 8:56 AM
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Fashion Meets Finance Fallout

Picture 25.pngThe fallout from last week’s “Fashion Meets Finance” event continues today with the New York Post’s coverage. You’ve probably already read our coverage, but just in case you are reading from the equities office in Dallas, the post describes how this pretty girl, rich guy thing works.

Matching up moneyed men and female shopaholics is hardly Ph.D.-level chemistry. The Mr. Big formula is practiced nightly in clubs, where bankers buy $400 bottles and encourage thirsty young girls to come to papa. The only difference is that these organizers were gauche enough to spell the whole thing out – and leave the label showing, to boot.

They’ve got a great photo album of the night over at the Post. (Which makes us wonder just what the percentage of reporters to participants actually was. Radar, DealBreaker and now the Post all had people there.) We’d like to know more about the people in the pictures. If you recognize anyone, write us at

Dough Job
[New York Press]

What Was Spitzer’s “Dangerous” Kink?

Did we ever find out what it was that disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer wanted from his hookers that made the folks running the prostitution ring warn girls about his “dangerous” desires? We can’t remember. But Emily Gould spent 36 hours watching Sex and the City, and now she might have an idea.

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Rush & Molloy send an update from Tigerland. It seems that the tiger striped-tattooed porn star has started to remember Seth Tobias. Christopher Dauenhauer, who goes by Tiger professionally, tells the Daily News columnists that “I often went with Seth to great destinations. He may have talked about me with Filomena during his drug binges. I may have been the only guy he’d ever been with. He may have thought I was his boyfriend. She may have gotten jealous.”
There’s nothing at all we can add to this story.

A wild Tiger tale in Tobias death
[Daily News]

Skirt-chasing supermarket mogul Ron Burkle is often said to have done for Bill Clinton on the west coast what Jeffrey Epstein did for the former president on the east coast. (Whatever that is.) So with Epstein now facing lawsuits from the Loch Ness monster and other creatures who allege that they were victims of his unsavory appetites, it only makes sense that Burkle would find himself in the headlines again.
Of course, the charges against Burkle are not so much criminal as potentially embarrassing. An alleged former paramour has told Page Six that Burkle is a “sexually inept lover.” Chevyn McClintock describes her attempts to bolster his sexual confidence by getting him drunk. “The only area in life he appeared not to have confidence in was in natural sexual aggression, so I would initiate that transition after a few strong cocktails or large glasses of wine,” she writes in her untitled memoir she is hoping will attract the attention of a publisher.
So who is Cheyvn? Her website gives her version of the story of her “beautiful gracious life.” (Although writing about how you got a rich guy drunk to get him into the sack and then complaining about his performance is hardly what we might call “gracious.”)

From her birth into a classic, traditional, elegant American family, Chevyn has continuously lived a beautiful gracious life. Ms. McClintock has extensive experience in interior design (award-winning, published and televised) Feng Shui Master; Art & Antiquities private dealer (clientele includes some of the most important and influential collectors in America) hostess extraordinaire in Los Angeles, Texas and New York City; fine wine connoisseur and collector (as acknowledged in the New York Times) and patron & fund-raiser for numerous social and charitable origanizations.

Claim: Burkle’s A Dud In Bed [Page Six]
Cheyvn McClintock []

jeffreyepstein.jpgThe lawyers for admitted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein are girding their loins for the flood of lawsuits they expect from young women who may claim to have been victimized by Epstein in his pursuit of erotically charged massages. First things first: make sure you tag the girls as little junkie sluts who are just out for a dollar.
“You are a girl who is broke who uses drugs. Here’s your shot at getting some money,” one source tells Page Six.
Now admittedly, when a guy as rich as Epstein is rumored to be lands in trouble, there will definitely be con-artists and frauds who will seek a fast buck by alleging to be victims. As a girl we know likes to say, “Shit on yourself for long enough, and the flies will start to notice.” But the lawyers don’t just expect suits from random buck-seekers. Apparently they’ve identified quite a few girls—forty according to Page Six—who they expect could “come forward.” Some of these girls didn’t even give Epstein a rub down—but they were in his house, apparently.
It seems Epstein’s lawyers have given up trying to save their client’s reputation. Now it’s just about trying to save his cash. Because if they cared about his reputation, they might not want to emphasize how many random girls, possibly drug addicts, who just happened to be wandering around Epstein’s house at any given moment.
But then again, we’ve never hung out with Epstein so maybe this is just standard in his circle. No biggie. Really. Who doesn’t have random strung-out teenagers over for lunch regularly?
The lawyers are also reportedly establishing some sort of claims fund, a lump sum settlement to pay off all the alleged victims of Epstein’s massage habit. Which makes us feel kind of bad for the settlement fund, Oh, settlement fund! How far you have fallen. From smoking suits across the country to this low-state. Don’t worry, settlement fund. Their will be better days.
Sex Case Victims Lining Up [Page Six]