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    It Belongs in A Museum

    The advertising revenue DealBreaker doesn’t pay out to its summer interns is typically spent on Dot-Com Bubble-era relics. Our modest museum includes Gary Winnick’s Aeron chair and a few dozen yards of fiber-optic cable. We are working to acquire the lock and chain used to close the Webvan warehouse. It was quite a shock then […]

    / Jun 22, 2007 at 8:28 AM
  • Start Up

    Is Life Inside The Start-up Bunker No Place for Chicks?

    A few years back a friend of ours was involved in a start-up that was like something out of Fight Club. Lots of guys living in a dilapidated old storefront in a San Francisco neighborhood they called the “Inter-Mission.” We visited once and never wanted to leave. The thought of living and working with your […]

    / Sep 14, 2006 at 4:59 PM

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