Strippers! The DealBreaker Reader Poll Results

It’s official. You probably can get reimbursed for stripper-related expenses—just as long as you were with clients, you keep quiet about it and you call it something else on the expense report. Oh, and we should probably never discuss this again.
Very, very few of DealBreaker readers said that strippers were not a reimbursable expense under any circumstances. Just three percent agreed that the practice of taking clients to strip clubs was sexist and should be banned. Nineteen percent wanted to know how you get a receipt from a stripper (if you’ve got a clue, leave the answer in the comments section).

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The Stripper Question

demi_moore1.jpgSome comments and emails to our Zwirn item below have prompted us to ask the time honored question: are strippers a reimbursable client expense? So have at it below and let us know.

Are Strippers Reimbursable?
Yes. Who spends their own money on strippers?
Yes. But only if you’re in the club at the client’s request.
Yes. But you’ve got to call it something else.
Maybe. I’ve heard people do it but never tried it myself.
Strippers? Really? Who needs strippers when you can get any girl on Ludlow street to derobe for the price of two vodka tonics and a trip to the john?
No. Not only not reimbursable but not allowed with clients even on your own dime.
No. Girls work the expense department and they hate strippers.
No. The practice excludes women and has or should be banned.
How do you get a receipt from a stripper?
The less we talk about this, the better off we all are. Sometimes explicit rules are counterproductive.
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