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McNealyisms Cont’d

Reuters is totally biting our rhymes** with this piece about McNealyisms, but we can still appreciate it. And we can mourn the loss of all the smartass remarks that McNealy never got to make. In that spirit, we present the Scott McNealy Memorial “Caption the Post-Truce McNealy/Ballmer Photo” Feature (not sure if this shot is before or after the hockey jersey exchange.)
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** Somewhere a Reuters reporter is Googling “biting my rhymes”…
“Get a Grip, Hairball” And Other McNealyisms [Reuters/MSNBC]

McNealy Out; Stock Up 9% in After-Hours Trading

God, this hurts:
Scott McNealy resigned from Sun today. He’ll be replaced by Sun COO Jonathan Schwartz.
We’re Dealheartbroken. No more Fun-With-McNealy quotes. (Side note: we haven’t seen a stock jump like that since Carly Fiorina got pushed out, which is ironic considering McNealy’s Carly-bashing.) More later…

McNealy Out?

mcnealy.gifRumors are flying that Sun CEO Scott McNealy might be shown the door for refusing to make layoffs:

This week, Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi reported that Sun is examining every nook and cranny to cut costs, including research and development. “Anything but a massive restructuring of the workforce will prove disappointing, and that it remains unclear whether such a large reduction will occur under current management,” he said.

Earnings come out on Monday and analyst expectations are -6 cents/share.
If this happens, we’ll be very disappointed because McNealy conference calls are only slightly less entertaining than Patrick Byrne conference calls. Our summary of all conference calls, presentations, reports, ever: “McNealy seemed defensive.”
(Below the jump: our list of McNealyisms from the last McNealy presentation we attended a few years ago. More McNealy quotes here.)
Might McNealy Step Down at Sun? [San Jose Merc]

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