50 million v 2 billion

“How much better do you live with $2 billion than $50 million?” chairman and founder of the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable Stanely Goldstein recently asked, the insinuation being that one does not feel much of a difference between living comfortably and living at a pay grade that affords you at least one private jet, multiple castles, an oil tanker, 1,000 eunuchs, a McMansion in every city in America (for storage), and a wing in your main house dedicated solely to deep-frying things. Goldstein wanted to make that case because it would help garner support for an idea he has: to cap hedge fund manager pay. Now, before everyone gets their fleece knickers in a twist, know this– Stan is doing this for you! “I am a free-market economy, right-of-center Republican, and I resent how the liberals have used hedge funds as a punching bag,” Goldstein said. The way he sees it, hedge fund managers would be much happier if they took home a number that wouldn’t be “ridiculed” by the public. Read more »