accelerated rehabilitation

Earlier this month, we learned the extraordinary story of private equity guy Russell Stildolph and his flying Porsche, pictured at left. AltEnergy founder Stildoph’s 911 Carrera was airborne for 45 feet, possibly reaching a height of 35 feet, beore it struck the roof overhang and center support beam of an unsuspecting woman Norwalk woman’s home, before the car “fell backward and landed on its roof, facing away from the house.” Russell, whose blood alochol level was over .20 (the legal limit is under .08), said he didn’t recall anything from the evening except for the fact that he was only going 35 MPH. Today he was arraigned on charges of drunk driving, traveling “unreasonably fast,” failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to wear a seat belt, at which time his lawyer made several requests. Read more »