Last Friday, around 7:30PM, something momentous occurred. To thousands of financial services employees, it was not just unremarkable, but unnoticed. To the subset who commute home to Westchester and Connecticut nightly, it was nothing short of a death in the family. Read more »

Jill Kelley, the woman who alerted the FBI to the “harassing” emails she’d been receiving from All In author and possible bunny boiler* Paula Broadwell, has run into some financial trouble. Read more »

Remember Tara Obernauer? For a quick refresher, Obernauer is vice-president at Forbes Private Capital Group, whose resume also includes an MBA from Hofstra, five years as a compliance officer at Guggenheim Capital Markets, and dancing gig at a now-defunct gentlemen’s club called Stringfellows, where she earned “$1,000 a night or more.” Last July she started having an affair with Nassau County police officer Mike Tedesco,* which involved Tedesco literally and figuratively “parking his cruiser in Obernauer’s driveway” during his shift and “hanging out on the couch, watching TV, and taking naps” while letting younger cops, who Tedesco referred to “assist bitches,” respond to calls. The reason we know all this is that Mike’s bosses “compared reports by Obernauer’s neighbors with GPS records from his squad car, [which] showed at least 57 visits” at times he was supposed to be working, and then cross-referenced them with Obernauer, who had no intention of covering for Tedesco after she learned he was married with kids.

Anyway, in April Obernauer got an order of protection against the guy, fearing retaliation for not telling Internal Affairs that he was “just a friend who stops by once in a while,” as per his request,** and now she wants Nassau County to cough up a few million for unleashing this animal on her. Read more »

According to a new study, the results of which are somewhat suspect, among the seventy-two percent of bankers who’ve supposedly had an affair, 63 percent of the males “said that they were convinced their wives knew about their affairs,” versus 3% of female bankers who said the same of their husbands. Here are a few other details respondents got off their chests: Read more »

To be sure, Robert Karofsky did not have sexual intercourse with the cleaning lady on his desk at 60 Wall Street (…that we know of), but you’re getting warmer. In this case, the firm’s co-head of equities, known for his “magnetic personality,” allegedly used his pole to attract a senior trader, subordinate and close friend’s wife, which apparently no one told him when he first started at DB is something that’s not done. Maybe in other offices– Morgan Stanely, where he previously worked– but not DB. Read more »