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  • 03 Jun 2014 at 12:10 PM

Someone Still Believes In Steve Cohen

It may be the woman with whom he shares a marital bed, but every person counts. Read more »

No item is more exclusive than the “Art Connoisseurs’ Evening with Steve Cohen.” For a $25,000 donation to Aspire Giving,” the winner receives an “exclusive tour for two of the Cohen residence in Greenwich, CT,” according to a description sent to registered attendees. “Led by Steve Cohen of SAC Capital Adivosrs, you will be able to view one of the finest and most extensive private art collections of master and modern works ever assembled,” it says. Also included is a “private gourmet dinner for two with Steve and Alexandra Cohen at their residence.” [AR]

Peter Nussbaum would like the record to reflect that this is just a costume Steve wears sometimes. He doesn’t *actually* look like this.

For the July issue of Vanity Fair, Bryan Burrough has the second only on the record interview with Steve Cohen. Burroughs previously hinted that he was able to seal the deal with Steve due to the fact that it would offer Cohen’s wife, Alex, a highly coveted opportunity to be shot by Annie Liebowitz. And sure, that probably helped things (the billionaire secretly loves having his photo taken, and in another life had dreams of being a male model). But beyond that, it’s clear that Steve and his people were ready for some Real Talk. Sick and tired they are of being seen as recluses who keep themselves ensconced in a hermetically-sealed full body condom. Sick and tired they are of having people assume that underneath their clothes, they’re entirely covered in scar tissue. Sick and tired they are of the whispers, the rumors, the theories, that they’re control freaks who will never let go. SICK AND TIRED THEY ARE OF THE ASSUMPTIONS THEY DON’T SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Sick and tired they are of the nicknames. And so now, they’re opening up, like never before. ‘Cause they’ve got some things they’d like to clear up. A few things they want you to know, so you don’t just go making it all up on your own. Are you ready for this truth? This truth to be laid on your ass? Steve’s general counsel, Peter Nassbaum, will start.

* And it pertains to the photo above. “Steve has been characterized unfairly,” Peter A. Nussbaum, his general counsel says, “He doesn’t have two horns and a tail.” *** Read more »

Steve Cohen and the wife, Alex, maxing and relaxing in Greenwich, in their kitchen, which has a couch. Gotta say, this certainly looks comfy, though I’m partial to other positions.

[Annie Lievowitz/VanityFair]

Hands down best party of the story is that this is supposed to be Steve and, I don't know, Ping Jiang, dressed as a little Dutch Boy?

New York mag has a story today on the hedge fund ex-lover’s spat du jour: that of Steve Cohen and his former wife, Patricia, who last December sued Steve, accusing him of hiding “significant” marital assets from her when they were getting divorced (twenty years ago), insider trading and so on and so forth. The article starts off sweetly enough, with how the two met– “on a rainy summer evening in 1979,” at a bar on the Upper East Side. Patricia (she’s the one recounting this story to the author, BTW) was wearing “a white camisole and a pale, rain-soaked silk skirt that stuck to her lovely legs.” Stevie, then 22, a junior trader with “a trim waist” approached her, and while PC says he wasn’t her type, she found his eagerness endearing, and six months later they got married.

We then hear about the unhappy marriage and the even unhappier (twenty freaking) years since the two split, mostly from Patricia’s side (though we do get some of SC’s perspective, through his friends), plus all the stuff they said about each other in their divorce papers and subsequent other filings. It feels like we’re in couple’s counseling with these two and yeah, it’s as awkward as you can imagine that trust tree to be. He was obsessed with work and moody; she was unsympathetic, unappreciative. She thinks he’s tried to buy favor with their children; he thinks he’s being generous (when wasn’t giving them money she said he was treating them like cast-offs, while the kids with the new wife were spoiled). She feels he should’ve paid for her abode, but when he bought and renovated an apartment on Central Park West for her, claims to have felt like “a vassal of the wealthy lord,” because he kept it in his name (I’m not going to say it, because we’re not here to take sides but I am going to think it). Patricia says she’ll “never understand his anger [toward] me,” while Steve has told people, “She’s a terrorist on a mission to make my life a living hell.”

So, as previously stated, awk! And yet, from every insanely uncomfortable situation, wherein we’re hearing about Patricia withholding sex from her Steve, to the entitlement, to the yelling, the screaming and the pasta with anchovies, there’s a learning experience to be found. Namely, how to stay on the big guy’s good side. Current, future and past employees, perhaps hoping to learn from their mistakes, take note: Read more »