an aloe

I don’t really know what to tell you about Herbalife’s investor day presentation this morning. One thing that’s definitely true is that it was shorter than Bill Ackman’s anti-Herbalife presentation a few weeks ago, which the Herbalife team seemed inordinately proud of, since, like, the Ring Cycle is shorter than Ackman’s presentation. It was … guys, honestly, it was creepy, the word is creepy. Here is where Herbalife’s president, Des Walsh, made me particularly uncomfortable:

“It’s about a shake, a tea, an Aloe — and a hug. I know in this community, hugging is not something you do a lot. But the world needs more hugs. And they find them, along with good nutrition, in the nutrition clubs.”

That’s from DealBook’s live blog, which collects the highlights. (DealBook also has a good breakdown of the legal issues involved in “is Herbalife a scam?”) Ackman has already responded, arguing that Herbalife distorted his arguments and failed to address a lot of his points. This is true, though Herbalife definitely scored some “Ackman-is-distorting-our-business” points too; the whole thing seems likely to become a drawn-out contest of two sides talking past each other, at maximum length.1 Read more »