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Earlier today, Fox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino reported that fund of funds manager Anthony Scaramucci “plans to ask his [SkyBridge Capital] investors if they want to remain in SAC.” For those who are unaware, up until this point Scaramucci has not only kept money with SAC, but been one of the few people willing to go on the record to vigorously defend Steve Cohen, telling the press back in May, “I have enormous amount of respect for the guy, and I think he’s misunderstood” and something about bombs, trenches, and friends who run in the direction of bullets (“A lot of guys, when bombs are going off, you figure out very quickly who your friends are in the trenches. Most friends run from bullets, but your best friends run toward them”). While it’s unclear if Scaramucci’s clients will decide to part ways with SAC, the fact that he’s reportedly even entertaining the very idea of giving them the option is nothing short of shocking. A punch in the stomach. A blow the ego. A shot through the heart. If Steve Cohen were on Twitter, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’d be tweeting:

@Scaramucci shot through the heart
@Scaramucci and you’re to blame
@Scaramucci you give fund-of-funds a bad name

Steve Cohen’s not on Twitter, but Anthony Scaramucci is. And right about now, he appears to be saying, “My investors may or may not pull their money but you and I? We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got. It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not. We’ve got each other and that’s a lot.” Read more »

Have you long wished for a place in Midtown where you could order a drink and have it served to you by someone who didn’t look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down? Someone you could actually see propositioning to take into the back room and giving her the worst two minutes of her life? Well today’s your lucky day! SkyBridge founder Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci has come up with his best investment idea yet, and if you can give us thirty seconds of your time, we’ll show you why the chance to get in at the ground floor of the “The Hunt and Fish Club” is an opportunity you don’t want to let pass you by.

    Reason #1: Like the Olive Garden, when you’re here, you’re family.

  • “Anthony Scaramucci, the investment entrepreneur known as the “Mooch,” is teaming up with a restaurant owner and a former Morgan Stanley executive to open a Manhattan eatery catering to hedge-fund and private-equity professionals…”Isn’t it nice to walk through the doors of a restaurant to be greeted with ‘Mr. Scaramucci, so nice to see you again? Your table is ready for you…Mr. Scaramucci is one of our partners’,” the team said in marketing documents to prospective investors. “In short, all of us want to be made to feel special and privileged, particularly in front of our guests, business associates and clients.””

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According to a report by Reuters, Romney supporters in the financial community are a starkly divided group tonight. In one corner you have those who will be partying (Julian Robertson, Paul Singer, Anthony Scaramucci and other top Romney donors have been invited to attend a soirée at the Westin Boston; John Paulson is throwing a small get-together at his Upper East Side townhouse; and “less prominent Wall Street fundraisers will be gathering at Brinkley’s Station, a bar and restaurant” on East 60th Street that serves “a $23.75 lobster club sandwich and $12 Bloody Marys”). In the other you have those who will be spending the evening punishing themselves and telling anyone who calls, “I don’t deserve to have fun.” Read more »

As some of you may know, in the post-crisis world, raising capital can be a tricky business, even for hedge funds with impeccable track records. Even more difficult? Getting people to sign on to fund of funds, whose due diligence processes were called into question following the Madoff scandal. Fortunately, there’s still one guy who knows how to get the job done. His name? Anthony Scaramucci AKA The Mooch, who is the topic of a Bloomberg Markets Magazine profile next month. If you want to raise some real money, whether you’re running a FoF or just need some cash for the weekend, we suggest following his system. A fool-proof system for getting any investors you want to open up their wallets for life. What are we talking about? M.O.O.C.H. It’s a comprehensive approach for the seduction of potential investors that Scaramucci’s been developing for years. And now, he’s sharing it with you. Read more »

  • 12 May 2010 at 10:48 AM

How Goldman Trainees Used to Learn About Client Service

Anthony Scaramucci, a CNBC contributor and founder of SkyBridge Capital, has a new book out on how to find your fortune without turning into a douche. Scaramucci was once fired from Goldman, but he still absorbed some lessons from the firm’s training program.

Here’s a scene from the book, Goodbye Gordon Gekko: Read more »