Apollo Global Management

The former Goldman Sachs Asset Management chief’s—and Jim Chanos neighbor’s and beach bum’s—work at Apollo Global Management is done. Read more »

Apollo Global Management has taken Carl’s Jr and Hardees and turned them into Chuck E. Cheese’s. Read more »

I’m just some guy, but two entities of which I have become aware in my travels are (1) Apollo Global Management and (2) CalPERS. I don’t want to endorse 100% of what either of them does – CalPERS tend to be governance-scoldy, and I’ve seen with my own eyes the withered husks of formerly personable M&A lawyers who’ve spent too much time on Apollo due diligence – but I don’t think it’d be too controversial for me to say that they’re both acknowledged leaders in their fields, those fields being respectively (1) running private equity funds and (2) investing great gobs of pension money in, among other things, private equity funds. To the point that, (1) if Apollo came to me and asked “who should we ask to invest in our new private equity fund?,” CalPERS would probably be high on my list, and (2) if CalPERS came to me and asked “what private equity funds should we invest in?,” Apollo would probably be high on that list.

So where is my $20 million?

Today former CalPERS CEO Federico Buenrostro and former independent placement agent Alfred Villalobos were indicted for fraudulently funneling $20 million of placement-agent fees from Apollo to Villalobos. The case is bonkers for reasons well summed up by Dan Primack a year ago when the SEC brought a related civil case. The gist of it seems to be: Read more »