• 01 Dec 2014 at 12:33 PM

Apple Nation Could Be An Actual Nation

Hail!It’s already effectively tax-exempt and boasts a cult of personality of despotic proportions. It knows what’s best for its subjects customers, and it’s already won the fealty of Carl Icahn. It could even arm itself with an impressive navy. It’s the future sovereign Grand Duchy of Jobsiana-Cupertino; kneel before His Serene Highness Tim I. Read more »

Carl Icahn may have dashed his son’s hope of managing other peoples’ money by the beach in Miami, but he’s still a proud papa. In between telling a company that he thinks is so well run exactly how to run things, he notes that Tim Cook and the rest of Apple have young Brett Icahn to thank for having to read the 4,000-word missive. But Brett and his partner David Schechter aren’t just keeping his dad enjoyably busy in the sunset of his life: They’re also making him more money than he can possibly spend, even if he lives another 78 years. Read more »

Hedge Funds Waiting With Bated Breath For iWatch

Until it comes out, they’ll just have to settle for the 30% that Apple shares have appreciated since they started hording (and stopped selling) them. Read more »

School is in session. Read more »

It certainly isn’t Carl Icahn. But Noster Capital’s Pedro de Noronha thinks Uncle Carl is in danger of losing a great deal of money some time before his 82nd birthday. Read more »

Millennials just can’t wait to entrust their financial futures to companies that don’t actually manage money—yet. Read more »

Carl Icahn was hardened on the school playgrounds of Queens in the 1940s. He knows how to play the game. So what if everyone hates his non-binding Apple buyback proposal, which had absolutely zero chance of succeeding? He doesn’t need it anymore; Apple has already given him an early birthday present. Read more »

Just wanted to make sure that was clear. Read more »