Arki Busson

Arki Busson has at long last found a buyer for his fund of hedge funds, EIM. He had to accept a $35 million no-cash offer and a courtesy title at the combined entity (which will not be called Gottex-EIM or GottEIM, merely Gottex), but the man who used to oversee a $14 billion firm couldn’t be happier about serving as the figurehead of what all involved agree might be an almost $10 billion firm in seven months. Read more »

As you may have noticed, one of the ways you can tell someone has made it to the upper echelons of the hedge fund elite is that they don’t have to give a fuck about their sartorial choices. Whether it’s dressing like a hobo or Friday night at Studio 54, they can do what they want. Button down shirts can be swapped out for zip up fleeces, ripped jeans that smell like wet dog replace dress pants, roller-skates take the place of loafers, out go the suits in come the full-body stockings. They wanna dress like a (lovable) schlubb or someone who could get picked up for street walking, that’s their right, ’cause they could buy your life, a billion times over. Biff Basness wants a face tattoo? Biff Basness gets himself a face tattoo, and investors aren’t going to say nothing. In fact, it’s come to be a good litmus test. You see a guy walking down Greenwich Avenue in a champion sweatsuit? Or taking lunch at the Sizzler, wearing just lobster bib and light up cock ring? You’re probably looking at a top hedge fund manager. This notion has not been lost on the Brits.

Arki Busson, multi-millionaire hedge fund manager and on-off partner of Uma Thurman, is a man who can dress how he likes for work. For the most part, this means suits and open-neck shirts – nothing too attention-seeking. At least until your eye falls to his wrist. For there, next to his watch, Busson regularly wears … beads and bangles, charms and straps. Bracelets, in other words.

According to James Massey, these wristbands are a mark of the independence afforded to the hedge funder or the entrepreneur: “The ones that own their own company don’t care about traditional dressing,” he says.

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Undoubtedly, there’s many financier out there who’s envious of Arki Busson. They may have achieved the same level of success as the fund of funds manager or more but the EIM founder has a few things they don’t. There’s the model and actress girlfriends.  There’s the willingness of reporters to fellate him in print. And there’s the sex god looks.  Those dimples! That hair!* But please, do not be jealous of the fact that women and men alike spontaneously orgasm at just the thought the thought of those cheeks. If you can’t help it, just know this– sometimes, Arki is jealous of you.  Sometimes Arki wishes he were ugly as sin too. Read more »

  • 08 Dec 2009 at 12:47 PM

Who Wants A Piece Of Arki Busson?

Picture 359.pngGreat news ladies and shemales of SAC– EIM founder Arki Busson, the smiliest financier around, has called off his engagement to Uma Thurman. Supposedly Busson’s major Madoff losses may have played a part in the split– Uma walked off in a “huff” about something– though it was reportedly AB who cut the cord. So, sad for the couple but fantastic for those of you hoping to put the perma-grin back on Arki’s face, by sitting on it. Will you be the one to make him look like this?

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