artificial intelligence

Rebellion Research is a hedge fund that uses Artificial Intelligence to invest, being of the mind that computers = smart, man = stupid (It’s pretty clear that human beings aren’t improving,” Spencer Greenberg, the brains behind Rebellion’s AI system, has said. “But computers and algorithms are only getting faster and more robust.”) The firm had around $7 million in assets under management as of 2010 and, according to a recent interview, says it has doubled in size in the last year. Whereas other firms would be content to rest on their laurels, skating by on previous success, Team Rebellion is still hungry. Here’s the pitch: Read more »

Back in July, we met the principals of Rebellion Research, a new hedge fund described by the Journal as being like a teeny tiny RenTec, sans the cartons of Pall Malls. Founded by Spencer Greenberg, the firm uses “artificial intelligence” to invest, being of the mind that computers = smart, man = stupid, and that trying to go head to head with a computer would be a bad idea (“No human could do this,” Michael Kearns said. “Your head would blow off.”) And speaking of man versus machine, there’s one very important thing missing from the photo at left. In fact, you might call him the “star” of Rebellion. Read more »

Just an FYI for any potential investors on the fence about breaking themselves off a piece of this. Read more »