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Earlier this month, the Times reported that Mayor Bloomberg and his advisers had been “floating the possibility of mayoral runs to at least five boldface figures,” including Chuck Schumer, Mort Zuckerman, Ed Rendell, Edward Skyler, and Hillary Clinton. Strangely left off the list? A woman who some might say is actually Hizzoner’s most worthy successor and who conveniently announced her intent to run today: Kristin Davis, the woman who once supplied Eliot Spitzer with hot young tail. Read more »

Asked by newsman Noam Laden to respond about Dupre’s pregnancy with asphalt scion Thomas “TJ” Earle during an appearance on Geraldo Rivera’s WABC radio show yesterday, disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer answered: “I just don’t respond to that stuff, except to [say to] anybody who is pregnant, congratulations and good luck. Having kids is the best thing in the world. So whomever it may be, that’s always my attitude.” [NYP via Daily Intel, earlier]

If it feels like it’s been forever since we last heard from Eliot Spitzer’s former gal-pal Ashley Dupré it’s because it has. What’s she been up to since July 2010, when she told reporters she was focusing on getting her real estate license and writing a dating column which sadly did not continue past its debut? Becoming a small business owner and shedding her old skin, which she’d appreciate if you didn’t bring up in conversation. That (hooking for $2,000/hr) was then, this (being a New Jersey-based entrepreneur) is now. And while the new venture “represents a continuation of her evolution,” rest assured “special underthings” and swimsuits will always have a place in her life. Read more »

Former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was recently interviewed by Times magazine. On the topic of patronizing prostitutes, which led to his resignation from office, reporter Andrew Goldman asked Ness if he was ready to laugh about the whole thing. Spitzer said that while, personally, he’s not yet at the ha-ha stage, he totally gets that his hooker banging days are something other people often bust a gut over and he wants them to know it’s okay to do so in his presence. Read more »

  • 13 Oct 2010 at 3:15 PM

Ashley Dupré Backs Andrew Cuomo For Governor

“He seems like the right choice for New York,” she said last night at 1Oak. [Daily Intel]

Here are a list of things we know about the “rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer”:

* Attorney General

* Went after a lot of people on Wall Street

* Governor

* Fucked a prostitute named Ashley for $2,000 an hour

* Used the name of a campaign contributor when paying-to-lay

* Used the Mayflower Hotel in DC for many a romp

* Known in the hooker community for wearing black socks during sex

* Big fan o’ the raw dog

* Has made an enemy out of former madame-cum-gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis

Seems pretty comprehensive but apparently…. Read more »

When Kristin Davis first made the bold claim she’d be running for governor of New York State, it was admittedly an attempt to get back at her arch-nemesis, Eliot Spitzer. It frosted Davis’ cookies like no other that the man she supplied– ballparking it here but possibly– thousands of hookers with, in her role as the city’s foremost madam, did no jail time, whereas she was behind bars for months. Figuring Ness would eventually get that old itch to hold office again, she announced she would take him down. Unfortunately, Davis underestimated how much of a time commitment Spitzer’s Slate gig would be, leaving him precious little for a campaign. And besides which, no one thought she’d actually be able to get on the ballot. Well think AGAIN.

Kristin Davis, the ex-madam who supplied call girls for Eliot Spitzer when he was attorney general and governor, has gotten herself on the November ballot. Davis procured 23,000 signatures – more than the 15,000 required – in support of her candidacy as an independent challenger to Andrew Cuomo. She’ll be the first woman in New York history to run for the office while on probation (for one count of promoting prostitution in the third degree).

Lest anyone have it in their heads that Davis lack the qualifications to run New York State, please recall that KD 1) “Was valedictorian of [her] high-school class 2) “Worked 10 years in finance [as] vice president of a hedge fund 3) “Went on to build a multimillion-dollar business from snatchscratch.” Read more »

“It was a business decision. The economics of sex were appealing. I worked in the back office of a hedge fund, making six figures but I was always taking crap from everyone. I put together a market analysis on the sex industry and it looked to be a lucrative appealing endeavor.” Read more »