beach houses

The Kimballer

So! A bunch of unnamed banks are supposedly telling their employees to ixnay on the assivemay amptonshay entalsray this summer. Let’s just say it’s Goldman Sachs that is doing the telling because a) they’ve been known to tell their people not go out during the day for fear of attracting scrutiny for existing and b) if The People are going to get their knickers in a twist over anyone’s big ass vacation houses it’s going to be those of Goldman Sachs. Read more »

Not a day goes by that I don’t curse Bernie Madoff, for robbing Marc Dreier of the insane media attention he deserved for a scam maybe not as big as but exponentially more creative and ridiculous than what the simpletons over at the Lipstick building had going on. Today we have a bittersweet glimpse of what that would’ve been like, courtesy of Bryan Burrough’s interview with MD. Let’s just start with the images above. Would Bernie, or any financial services hack for that matter, agree to such a photo shoot? No! Meanwhile you’ve got Dreier mugging it up for the camera. Is that his “sexy face” you see in the bottom right corner? Yeah it is! Whereas some people have turned down multiple offers for a tasteful centerfold spread in Bloomberg Markets Magazine, you’ve got this guy setting the room on fire with minimal direction from the photographer to “WORK IT, OWN IT.” And the outtakes, my god, the outtakes. Don’t even hesitate to dream they involve something along the lines of this:

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