Maybe you’ve been toiling away on Wall Street for 10-15 years but have never earned one ounce of respect. Maybe you’ve been on the job for a matter of months, and have yet to be given more responsibility than picking up your boss’s lunch (a job that you came perilously close to losing several weeks ago for reasons we won’t get into here). Maybe you’ve been working at, say, Goldman Sachs, for several years now and are still addressed as “Hey, you.”

You could put your head down and keep grinding away at the hopes of one day being recognized for your contributions to the financial services industry. You could march up to your boss’s desk one day and say “Hey, I’ve got a name you know!” You could develop of a network of corporate insiders and then give Steve Cohen a call. Or you could simply start forgoing the razor and let your facial hair talk for you. What will it say? That you’re a god damn force to be reckoned with. Read more »

Lloyd C. Blankfein nuzzled his beard against the cheeks of two ladies last night, Dina Powell, Goldman Sachs’s head of corporate engagement, and Liz Robbins, a Democratic lobbyist. “I was proving to women everywhere that it’s really soft, not coarse,” said Blankfein, 58, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs, the fifth-biggest U.S. bank by assets. At the nightclub Hudson Terrace, Blankfein was attending the first big fundraiser for Team Rubicon, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit founded three years ago to deploy military veterans to respond to disasters.  [Bloomberg]

  • 25 Jan 2013 at 12:36 PM

Lloyd Blankfein Grows A Playoff Davos Beard

[via Ryan McCarthy]
Presumably the new scruff is being sported simply in an effort to stay warm in Switzerland but dare we say it should become a permanent thing? As you can see here it does nothing to obscure The Lloyd Face and in fact enriches it somehow?

Taking away the one thing he thought he had going for himself. Read more »

In other words, does the rational part of your brain, which wants you to be circus freak-crazy pissed at him, lose out to the part that gets one look at that beard and decides “I can’t stay mad at you”? Because that’s a theory being floated for why JSC isn’t faring too badly in the court of public opinion. Read more »

  • 12 Nov 2010 at 3:10 PM

Quantitative Easing Explained By Furry Animals

Very judge-y furry animals. Read more »

You like that, bitches?

Perhaps you thought Peter Kraus, he of former Goldman employment, and $25 million for two weeks of work at Merrill would tone things down in his new gig running Alliance Bernstein? That he’d take a page from Lloyd and Jamie’s playabook re comp this year? That go with the John Thain hair-shirt approach to decorating his new office, change nothing and work off a card table no matter how hard that million dollar antique piece of ass beckons? That he’d fail to ba-ring it on the color coordination? Wrong-o , ladies! Not only is Pedro putting shit all over the walls of his executive suite, not only is he taking home a few mill more than LB and JD for last year, not only is he wearing his hair slightly longer than is conventional but he is working it with the shirt and tie combo, the Post breathlessly reports. Read more »

  • 05 Apr 2010 at 3:45 PM

Lawsuit: Citi Employees Suck At Sexual Harassment

Last week we discussed the matter of Citi employee Dorly Hazan Amir, an associate in Citigroup’s asset finance division who is suing the bank on the grounds that she was mommy-tracked. DHA claimed that “supervisors have discriminated against her because of here gender since the beginning of her tenure” and that when she became pregnant, “the attitude of her bosses reportedly worsened,” with one manager asking H-A if she planned to be a “career mom” or a “mom mom.” DHA also said that her pregnancy “became the butt of jokes in the office as my male co-workers discussed setting up a pool to discuss how much weight I would gain as a result of my pregnancy.” While not taking sides, we noted the time that this was pretty inventive, especially considering the idea came from the Big C Brain Trust and not Goldman, which should’ve come up with it first for their resident mom. Now more of DHA’s allegations have come out and all we have to say is this: CAN’T YOU PEOPLE DO ANYTHING RIGHT??? The answer is apparently no. Read more »