Ben Bernanke


  • 18 Jul 2013 at 1:15 PM

James Gorman: Give It Up For Ben Bernanke

“Chairman Bernanke has done a phenomenal job. Hat’s off to him. The fed has played this well. They need to see concrete, unambiguous signs of recovery, at which point, we should all celebrate the fact that rates are rising.” [BloombergTV]

The IMF chief, whose words have never and will never rattle markets like those of the Beard, cannot understand why the Fed is unable to deploy information as sagaciously and effectively as her august organization. Read more »

James Bullard was just wondering why certain genial, bearded men would set specific goals for a program and then ignore them. Read more »

It’s a legitimate question and when legitimate questions need answering, there is no group of people more fit to answer them than the Dealbreaker community. So let’s get right to it.

The facts:

The one thing potentially stopping him:

It’s possible, of course, that he could put all that aside for the right price and a package that included a 50% employee discount.

But would he? Should he? Read more »

  • 14 May 2013 at 1:48 PM

Charles Plosser Has Second Thoughts. And Third.

Foes of Ben, fear not: After a (very) brief flirtation with dovishness, re: the Fed’s $85 billion/month habit, Philly Fed Pres. Charlie Plosser is feeling hawkish again. Read more »

  • 10 May 2013 at 5:19 PM

The Beard Senses Danger

Ben Bernanke has done all he can, and it might not be enough. Read more »

  • 09 May 2013 at 5:25 PM

How Could Anyone Stay Angry At This Face?

A thing that happens from time to time, and also yesterday, is that people in or around the financial services industry say furious things about Ben Bernanke:

“Ben Bernanke is running the most inappropriate monetary policy in the history” of the developed world, said Stanley Druckenmiller, the retired head of Duquesne Capital Management.

A thing that happened a lot today and yesterday is that people asked, well, why do they say such horrible things? “Because they’re true” is a possible answer and if it’s yours you might want to stop here, not much good is going to happen from here on out.

If you don’t believe that Bernanke is a war criminal or whatever, you can read some other proposed answers – by Joe Weisenthal, Neil Irwin, and Matt O’Brien – but be warned, they’re tough going if you like 2-and-20 fees and/or gold. Here, though, is a take from Matt Yglesias that I’m particularly fond of: Read more »