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President Barack Obama will sign into law a bill raising the U.S. government’s debt ceiling and cutting spending as soon as it arrives at his desk, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer said on Tuesday. The U.S. Senate passed the bill to avert a default earlier on Tuesday and sent it to Obama for signing. Pfeiffer said via Twitter the president would sign the bill as soon as it got to the White House. There will not be a public signing ceremony. [Reuters]

  • 28 Jun 2010 at 4:53 PM

Caption Contest Monday

From CNBC Business Journalist to Critic of Bankers on MSNBC [NYT]

  • 22 Jan 2010 at 2:50 PM

Barney Frank Has Bigger Fish To Fry

dogs-playing-poker.jpgNews got pretty heavy recently and Barney’s had enough. Fuck the TARP, TALF and the “new Obama bank plan.” (any acronym suggestions, by the way?) There are much more pressing issues in the world that BF has to deal with, like poker. It will save the economy.

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