black edge

  • 29 Apr 2013 at 2:50 PM

CBS Introduces Veeven A. Cohen To The World

Hedge fund honcho Steve Cohen made the jump from Wall Street to Main Street this week when a character loosely based on him appeared on a CBS crime drama. In a story ripped from the headlines, Thursday night’s “Person of Interest” centered on a hedge fund’s insider-trading scandal gone awry. The show’s hedge fund was called VAC Capital. Cohen’s firm is SAC Capital. “I almost fell off the couch laughing,” one viewer told The Post about the show’s thinly veiled reference to Cohen’s $16 billion fund. There were more similarities. The show centered on a doctor who told a young trader at VAC that a drug trial he was overseeing was “about to fail.” The trader earned VAC $500 million on the insider tip, which he called “black edge.” SAC’s traders have also reportedly called such tips “black edge.” In the show, the doctor confronts the trader, who blames his boss, the head of VAC. “You don’t understand. The boss is on my ass 24/7. Either [I] get black edge or [I’m] out.” “Black edge?” the doctor asks. “Inside information that no one else has,” the trader replies. [NYP]