The Denny’s that opens Friday in the Financial District will offer a $300 version of its popular Grand Slam wake-up — complete with a bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon Premier Cru Champagne. The breakfast fit for a king is called the “Grand Cru Slam” — but besides the vino, it’s the standard morning eye-opener of eggs, pancakes, sausage and bacon. “It’s not an astronomical price for Dom Perignon,” says Mike Capoferri, who was hired by Denny’s to create a “craft cocktail” menu at its first Manhattan location. Yes, the FiDi version of “America’s diner” will also have specialty cocktails that start at $11. The bottle of the good stuff at Denny’s is a bargain compared to top restaurants in the area, which charge more than $400 for the bottle. [NYDN]

  • 09 Apr 2014 at 12:57 PM

Mandy Drury Starts Her Morning Off Right

With a piping hot cup of coffee out of her Handbridge Capital mug and some Vegemite spread. [BI]

BusinessWeek: Describe your typical day. Charlie Gasparino: If I’m up till, like, 9 p.m. writing, and then I go out for dinner, I might [get up] late. One of the good things about Fox is, I do later hits. But [writing the book] was kind of grueling; they didn’t exactly give me time off. I had to perform. So I used to get up early, like 6, 7 a.m. For breakfast, I either do oatmeal with fruit, or I do a protein shake. BW: You seem rather spirited in your use of Twitter. Can you describe your philosophy? CG: You know, I don’t like it when they get really personal. I never throw the first punch. My wife is trying to get me not to do that any more—not to respond to the jerks. I don’t like snarky. I got a little bit of a temper. Barring calling people’s mothers out, I think there’s a decorum you have to follow. But I’m not a punching bag. [BusinessWeek]

And management is going to fire you without pay over it, realize they did so in error, not show any remorse and tell you to shoot HR a cover letter and résumé if you’d like the opportunity to try and get your old job back. Read more »

“A source with knowledge of the matter told FINalternatives that Falcone, [who crashed her car at 2:25PM], was charged with driving with ability impaired after admitting to having a drink three hours before driving, and that she had a blood alcohol level of 0.03, about half the legal limit. Falcone was also asked if she was on prescription medication, which she confirmed.” [FINalternatives, earlier]

Romney will start his tour with a breakfast at Cipriani 42nd Street at $2,500 per head. Among the 80 co-hosts on the bill are Romney’s richest donor, hedge fund billionaire John Paulson, former Goldman Sachs chairman John Whitehead, Forstmann Little chairman Julian Robertson…Then, J.P. Morgan Chase vice chairman Jimmy Lee is hosting a luncheon at the Waldorf-Astoria. But the bank’s rep tells us J.P. Morgan Chase chairman and former Obama ally Jamie Dimon will not be attending. Later in the evening, Steve Schwarzman, founder of Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity firm, is hosting a more intimate event at his Park Avenue home with CEO Tom Hill, Third Point founder Dan Loeb, former Chris Christie backer and hedge fund honcho Paul Singer and former SEC chairman Richard Breeden. [NYP]

Whitney doesn’t have specific numbers backing up her now- famous prediction, she said in a Jan. 30 interview. “Quantifying is a guesstimate at this point,” she said. “I was giving an approximation of a magnitude that will bear out to be correct.” A copy of the 43-page report doesn’t mention sizable defaults amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. A person who has seen a long addendum that profiles the 15 top states said that the longer portion doesn’t, either. “We are not calling for any specific defaults within the scope of this report,” the document says on page 42. An opening summary says there will “invariably” be local defaults, without elaborating. “A lot of this is, You know it, but can you prove it?” Whitney said over a breakfast of scrambled egg whites with a chicken-apple sausage, a side of salsa and peppermint tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. “There are fifth-derivative dimensions that I don’t think I need to spell out to my clients,” she said. [Bloomberg]

It might seem like a difficult job to give up, what with the fame, the power, and the access to a printing press that means you’ll never be short on cash. And considering it was the thing that defined him for almost twenty years, you might think giving up the gig might be hard for Big Al. But honestly, it really wasn’t. What probably helped the transition was the unlimited offers to headline conferences in the Maldives, pocket 300 large for a giving a 5 minute speech and then sip pina coladas with ten of UBS’s finest investor relations bunnies, the months of comedic relief associated with watching his successor get his ass torn out after having promised the guy “things are in pretty good shape” just before leaving the building, and the mornings off to watch the Price is Right. But…there a couple things McG does miss and today over a lunch of grilled Swordfish and Diet Coke, he unloaded on the FT. Hint: they involve 1) being paid to just shoot the shit about the previous night’s episode of Survivor and 2) a big hunk of love who probably gives great if not sweaty bear hugs. Read more »