Brotherhood of the Sach

Working for me!The prestige, the salary bump, the fancy new titanium business cards, the gilded loins. All of these are among the things that make a Goldman Sachs partnership so coveted—and so sparingly gifted. The ability to put some of those impressive new bonuses to work in the most exclusive private-equity fund on earth, one that promises to effectively double your pay sans fee if you do it right? Yea, that’s another. Read more »

  • 14 Nov 2012 at 12:44 PM

Goldman Sachs Changes 70 People’s Lives

The following employees successfully made it through the “vigorous cross-ruffing” process and were inducted into the partnership this morning, after receiving a congratulatory call from Lloyd and an extra special visit by Gary, wherein the chosen few got to stick their grundles in his face. Read more »

  • 17 Nov 2010 at 1:15 PM

Goldman Sachs Changes 110 People’s Lives

In a basement at 200 West late last night, Lloyd Blankfein named the firm’s new partners. Blindfolded and naked, they pledged their devotion to the firm and promised to share in its huge-ass profits. At the stroke of midnight, as a baby seal barked in the corner, they were inducted into the Brotherhood of the Sach. If you see one of the following people on the street, setting off metal detectors within a 5 mile radius with the gold rods in their pants, ask them if they need anything– be it a mint, a fluffer, a mouth to stuff and discard bills in denominations of less than 100 in or a body to walk across so they needn’t dirty their shoes by letting them touch the street. And for god’s sake, BOW DOWN– you are in the presence of greatness. Read more »